White House visitor logs show meeting after meeting between Google execs and top Obama administration officials

“When top White House officials want to know what Google executives are thinking, they don’t need to go near a computer – since company officials have been hovering at the White House about once a week through the course of the Obama administration, White House logs reveal,” Geoff Earle report for The Daily Mail.

“The tech giant’s top lobbyist, Johanna Shelton, has visited the White House a total of 128 times since President Obama got elected in 2009,” Earle report. “Shelton visited the White House more than any top 50 lobbying firm, according to White House visitor logs analyzed by a nonprofit called the Google Transparency Project that is critical of the company’s influence.”

“Shelton met four times with President Obama himself, clocking more White House face time than any other industry lobbyist,” Earle report. “Among the top officials she met with are longtime Obama pal and senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, chair of the council of economic advisors Jason Furman, and National Economic Council director Gene Sperling.
In total, Google officials have visited the White House 427 times since 2009, according to a report in Watchdog.org that looked at the data. They have attended a total of 363 meetings. The meetings involved 169 Google employees and 182 White House officials.”

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  1. And if Trump gets in, he’s already publicly said that he’ll fo ce things in Apple….

    The THINK in “Think Different” really got the anti smart peiple haters going…Welcome to Idiocracy

        1. Donald Trump isn’t fit to polish the shoes of Bill Clinton. Let’s see…Bill Clinton when he ran actually knew about the issues…he was described as a policy wonk. He had moderate views…never advocated torture, never advocated that we allow S. Korea or Japan to get nukes, never advocated that we borrow recklessly and then ask creditors to take a “haircut” thereby triggering US default, etc. Also, Clinton did not want to give a huge tax cut to the very rich, adding trillions to our debt.

          On immigration, Bill Clinton never recklessly said we’ll build some impossible wall and make Mexico pay for it. And on and on…

          But keep spinning…Don the Con is revealing himself day by day to be the reckless, ignorant racist fool that he is.

          1. Wade…. Japan has already called out N. Korea over the nuclear issues years ago and they don’t need the USA’s permission to develop them. Since Japan is a major reprocessor of nuclear materials I’d not put it past them to have one already hidden away in a secret space in the closet.

    1. Trump would be the worst thing for Apple. Trump would instigate a fight with Apple over manufacturing, trade tariffs, privacy etc. He also would anger China, a huge market for Apple. In fact Trump would anger the entire world and cost us huge goodwill.

      Then there’s the fact that Trump would crash the economy. His recent remarks about the US defaulting on its debt and asking creditors to take a haircut show he has no clue.

      Then there’s the issue of which reckless wars he would get us into. With Trump you’d never know if you’d wake up one morning to the news of a mushroom cloud going off somewhere.

      Trump in the presidency would literally be the greatest danger to the entire world. It’s up to all of us to stop him and be the firewall.

  2. Who cares if Google reps visit the White House? I for one am glad that this White House actually listens to people in the high tech world and seeks to understand the state of modern technology and science. Better than any Republican who denies science.

    This is also better than Bush/Cheney, who were controlled by big oil and Halliburton.

    Any administration will always cozy up to some industry players, I’d rather have it be high tech.

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