Largest shareholder urges beleaguered Pandora to sell the company

“Corvex Management LP disclosed on Monday that it owns 9.9 percent of Pandora Media Inc and urged the internet music streaming company to explore a sale instead of pursuing a ‘costly and uncertain business plan,'” Liana B. Baker reports for Reuters.

“Corvex, a hedge fund run by Keith Meister, a protégé of billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn, said it had met with the company’s management and had withdrawn a plan to replace some of its board members,” Baker reports. “However, it now believes Pandora should hire an investment bank to help the company explore its strategic options including a sale.”

“Pandora’s shares are down more than 25 percent in 2016 and more than 45 percent year-over-year. Corvex owns about 22.7 million shares in the company, making the hedge fund Pandora’s largest shareholder,” Baker reports. “Oakland, California-based Pandora has faced tough competition from music-streaming rivals such as Spotify, Apple Inc , Alphabet Inc’s Google and and has failed to turn an annual profit as a public company.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We haven’t listened to Pandora since September 18, 2013, the day Apple launched iTunes Radio.

Corvex sees the writing on the wall.

We haven’t touched Pandora since the day we first launched iTunes Radio. This situation will soon be repeated by millions of iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, Apple TV, Mac, and Windows PC users. The pain looming for Pandora will be intense, especially as it quickly becomes a ghetto for Android settlers who simply do not buy products in the way that Mac and iOS users do. Music labels will take note and act accordingly. — MacDailyNews, September 17, 2013

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  1. I always liked Pandora but I never got into streaming heavily enough tp stay with any of them.

    Where my shop is located has really poor cell coverage and my internet is pretty slow anyway.

    I ended up relying on a large mp3 collection and good old FM radio. I guess I’m old school by necessity more than choice lol

  2. Pandora should have shopped themselves to one of their big competitors long ago.

    They need a buyer who wants streaming radio and has another core business to rely on.

  3. honestly i had completely forgotten about pandora till i saw this article. hadn’t thought of that app in at least a year. if its not apple music, only other service i hear people talk about is spotify

  4. what happened to all the rabid Pandora touting Apple hating analysts now? LIKE…

    2015 VERGE:

    “It seems like a smart strategy, but when it comes to music streaming, it is looking like Apple waited too long to get into the game. ……

    Let’s lay out just how large the head start its competitors have. Apple Music is essentially in fourth place, miles behind Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube, and all the companies ahead of Apple are only getting bigger and better.”


    from a stock and aapl investor point of view so many of these companies (including phone manufacturers, movie streaming etc) are ‘supposed’ to be according to analyst better than Apple yet as I’ve pointed out often these guys don’t make money and eventually they will dry up fighting Apple.

    Companies like Xiaomi which make tens of millions in profit vs Apple’s thousands of millions are supposed to be ‘Apple killers’ yet analysts never explain how these guys are supposed to fund R&D, expansion, buying of strategic assets etc. to compete with Apple.

  5. Personally I like slacker. It is programmed by real DJs who are Daimler with the type of music. I like that u can download stations to listen to without Internet.
    I use that and Siriusxm sorry Apple Music iTunes Radio are not doing it for me. I never used pandora because no way to get rid of commercial. Plus it never picked the right music for me.

  6. Corvex, a hedge fund run by Keith Meister, a protégé of billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn… – – Oh, great. (0_o)

    …it now believes Pandora should hire an investment bank to help the company explore its strategic options including a sale. – – AKA suicide. (o_0)

    I still prefer Pandora, specifically because I learn new music via their service. I survive the ads and enjoy the tunes. I’ve often bought music specifically because I heard it on Pandora. I also champion Pandora specifically because the decrepit old RIAA and their flunkies have been trying to kill them off for years. Clearly, one of Pandora’s biggest problems is the exorbitant royalty fees, way beyond that of land radio, forced on them via the RIAA. I’d rather see the RIAA dead.

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