$1 billion Didi investment marks a major turning point for Apple

“In the 12 hours since Apple’s announced investment in Uber’s main Chinese rival, commentators have struggled to figure out why,” Brian Solomon writes for Forbes. “None of these explanations fully explain Apple’s huge, seemingly out-of-character bet made in ‘lightning speed’ after meeting the Didi team in person just a few weeks ago. No, the most likely reason is that such bets may no longer be out of character for Apple.”

“Apple’s investors have long wondered why Apple isn’t putting its cash pile to better use. Other than the $3 billion Beats deal in 2014–which was as much for the streaming music technology as anything–Apple has largely stayed out of the investments game even as their profits piled up,” Solomon writes. “neither dividends nor buybacks help Apple acquire growth (which is why shareholders have taken their cash to Facebook and Amazon).”

“If you can invest in Didi, why not Airbnb? Pinterest for a social network play? Dropbox to complement iCloud?” Solomon writes. “Moving into startup investing marks a major turning point for Apple. It also opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It certainly does.

I’ve always wanted to own and control the primary technology in everything we do. — Steve Jobs

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  1. Apple needs direct involvement in the Asian market where it highest growth opportunities exist.

    The use of Apple’s software/chip technology in Asian operations matches its skills & offshore billions which means it costs them less to invest in Asian operations than if they invest “onshore” in the US.

    The Asian middle class may not widely afford a MacBook and automobile, but they can use iPhones to order from Alibaba & call a ride-sharing service and save money and time overall.

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