After failed takeover talks with Apple, Imagination Technologies sells stake to state-owned Chinese company

“Tsinghua Unigroup International has purchased a 3 percent stake in Imagination Technologies, the company that builds graphics processors for Apple’s custom A-series chips found in the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV,” Jan Manon reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple had been in talks to potentially acquire Imagination, but the iPhone maker ultimately opted not to strike a deal,” Manon reports. “Following the breakdown in talks, Chinese state-owned company Tsinghua took a 3 percent stake in Imagination as of May 4.”

“In a rare move, Apple issued a statement admitting it had ‘some discussions’ with Imagination, but that it did not ‘plan to make an offer for the company at this time,'” Manon reports. “Apple already owns an 8.5 percent stake in the company, more than twice that of Tsinghua’s new share.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Asked for too much, Imagination did.

Apple in ‘advanced talks’ to acquire Imagination Technologies for PowerVR GPU – March 22, 2016


    1. Hey that’s what capitalism encourages. Self destruction long term is rarely a serious consideration. You can see why I
      Undemocratic regimes laugh all the way to the bank at such apparent short sightedness.

      1. Self destruction long term is rarely a serious consideration.

        I noticed. That’s why I keep bringing it up, typically with my usual line of “Short term thinking; Long term disaster.” That’s a modern theme covering a wide range of current human self-destructive behaviors.

        I don’t know why ‘undemocratic’ regimes would laugh at our folly, seeing as they have FAILed governments that have resorted to desperate measures in order to contain their victim populace. I see them as the far more self-destructive of countries. Their self-destruction is usually much easier to count in the form of dead bodies.

        Note that I am not saying that FAILed governments necessarily have shorter life spans, metaphorically speaking. That’s another subject.

    2. To be fair, being owned by Chinese companies is not really any more controversial than being owned by USA’s companies.

      USA have totalitarian police state that killed thousands of unarmed people right on the spot only during Obama’s years, it allows killing of its citizens and even their children without trial, maintains illegal drone bombardments that killed thousands of civilians, continues to have “regime change” operations in Honduras, Libya, Syria, Ukraine with use of Wahhabi/Salafist terrorists and neo-Nazis, built the biggest Big Brother spying machine of all times, and so one. China is not only is not worse, but is much better in many of those things.

      1. Please excuse me while I
        disagree that
        there’s anything special about
        the Obama regime versus the
        Neo-Con-Job, I mean GW Bush Regime. Atrocities, governmental psychopathy, Kill the poor; Feed the rich.

        Then there’s China where everyone is thoroughly FSCKed, not even pretend rights. Same old Neo-Feudalism. Blatant, if you don’t expect it you’re blind or naive, CORRUPTION. NO imagination because there’s NO incentive. I could dry heave for days.

  1. 3% purchase doesn’t really give the Chinese purchaser any significant leverage in the company. They could make suggestions, but didn’t likely get a board seat for that small purchase.

    The question comes down to how much a manufacturer of chips is worth. Apple already designs most all of the significant chips in iOS devices, so Apple just made a strategic decision not to invest in a chip maker.

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