Can Tim Cook and company raise the shroud over Apple shares?

“The fact that Apple closed out last week at the lowest point it has since June of 2014 is not news to any long-suffering shareholder,” Jay Somaney writes for Forbes. “Is there anything that can move the shares higher going forward given this huge pall of gloom that has descended on Apple’s shares?”

“There is a lot that Tim Cook and management can do that could get shareholders, existing and those considering an investment in Apple, really excited fairly quickly,” Somaney writes. “First and foremost, is to stop the relentless selling or using the shares in lieu of cash or otherwise disposing of or decreasing ownership by top management… More importantly, maybe Tim Cook, Angela Ahrendts, Luca Maestri, Phil Schiller and the rest of top management at the company can buy 1 or 2 shares with their own money. I am pretty sure they can afford it, no?”

“After all if the future is so bright (I gotta wear shades) as Tim Cook says it is, those shares they buy (not holding my breath) should be worth a lot more down the road than they are at present,” Somaney writes. “Second, is that Tim Cook should find a way to buy Netflix or Tesla and step aside as CEO of Apple and let Reed Hastings or Elon Musk take the top job at CEO. Cook can go back to his head of operations/supply chain management role, a role [at which] he is probably one of the best in the world.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Having management put their money where their mouths are isn’t bad idea, but buying a large company is a signal that your company can’t come up with their own ideas. Apple is perfectly capable of taking on Netflix and/or Tesla without having to buy them, deal with integrating their employees, etc.

Calling for Tim Cook to be replaced with Reed Hastings? Seriously?

We have to admit, an Apple with Elon Musk as CEO and Tim Cook as COO would be intriguing (it’d certainly be a boon when it comes time for media events), but how many CEOs of the world’s most valuable companies have ever stepped down to work uner someone else again? Ain’t gonna happen, so no sense wasting time imagining it.


  1. Total crap idea, Jay Somaney who writes for Forbes
    …Tim Cook should find a way to buy Netflix or Tesla and step aside as CEO of Apple and let Reed Hastings or Elon Musk take the top job at CEO.

    Meanwhile, I get the idea that Apple is NOT strategically buying back its own shares. The entire point of that process is to buoy, if not skyrocket, the price of AAPL. What’s going on over there Apple?

  2. Only in America would somebody write something as stupid as this article because of one quarter. Apple was not the world’s most valuable company when Tim took over. It still is even after a bad quarter.

    But the schmuck that wrote this article who knows how to do invent only stupid implausible scenarios thinks he’s a big genius. He will have to eat his words but it will be a couple of years.

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