Apple CEO Cook ‘pretty confident’ of soon resuming movie and book sales in China

“Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company is ‘pretty confident’ that it will soon be able to again offer electronic books and movies to customers inside China,” David McCabe reports for The Hill.

“‘We did offer books and movies. currently we’re offline,’ said Cook during a Monday night appearance on the CNBC program Mad Money,” McCabe reports. “‘What I can tell you there is we’re working with the relevant government agencies and other businesses and we’re pretty confident and optimistic that we’ll be back online and offering those to our Chinese customers soon,’ [Cook added].”

“Just over a week ago, a Chinese government authority ordered the company to close both its iBooks store and iTunes Movies products, a stunning move given that the company has long been immune from China’s protectionism,” McCabe reports. “They had been in operation for half a year. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Given Apple’s aversion to greasing the skids — not just in China, but anywhere, for that matter – it’s amazing they’ve gotten as far in China as they have already.

Everything is on the up and up with Apple. We expect nothing less, just as we expect nothing extra given to the Chinese government in return for the resumption of movie and book sales.

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  1. What Apple gives to China is jobs. Despite appearances, the Communist Party is not monolithic. Apple has many supporters within the Party. That support is built on jobs.

  2. It is not just Apple. There are some 30 companies that are being targeted by the Xi Jinping government, with Microsoft, not Apple, being one of the hardest hit.
    There are many theories as to why Communist China is doing this, with one being punishing anyone who once had close ties with former China President Jiang Zemin.

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