Apple debuts new TV ad for iPhone celebrating Mother’s Day

Apple has debuted a new “Shot on iPhone” television ad on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

The ad, “Mother’s Day,” celebrates motherhood through the lens of iPhone users around the world.

iPhone users’ stills, and even some shot videos, comprise the body of the spot with the close being a clean white screen with the black text “Moms” then “Shot on iPhone” followed by a closing Apple logo.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Expect a “Father’s Day” companion ad next month.


  1. Terrible ads.

    I’m not American. This ad appeals to who? What cultures? How many of us like the music?

    But the big problem is when you run ads that focus on people, you lose the plot. This is like watching some cheesy post on a person’s Facebook timeline. The people in this ad are strangers to me. They’re forgettable. And I have no idea about the device. Where is it?

    Then I go about my day and think nothing od this ad in terms of connecting it to an iPhone.

    Jobs as beilliant in that the ads were simplistic, upbeat, and focused on the product. This way, it shows the problems they solve; appeals to a wide gamit of cultures; and connects you to the device. Not a bunch of cheesy people you could care less about.

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