What Smart Connector charging could mean for the ‘iPhone 7’ and beyond

“Now that we know Apple will let its Smart Connector do more than just clip on a keyboard, rumors that it will make its way from the iPad Pro lineup to the iPhone make much more sense,” Sam Oliver writes for AppleInsider.

“Accessory maker Logitech let the cat out of the bag on Tuesday with the unveiling of its new Logi Base,” Oliver writes. “The Logi Base is an iPad Pro charging dock that delivers power through the Smart Connector, rather than through the iPad’s Lightning port.”

“There’s a growing cloud of smoke surrounding the possibility of an ‘iPhone 7’ that lacks a traditional headphone jack. For Apple to pull this off without a consumer revolt… This means a dongle,” Oliver writes. “If there’s a secondary way to charge the iPhone, however, the giant dongle requirement is lessened. Apple can sell it as an add-on accessory and the revolt might be reduced to a mere rabble.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, the Smart Connector is even smarter than Apple first let on.


    1. I would assume that the smart connector doesn’t come anywhere near the lightening port in terms of data throughput. Some of us still use a lightening cable for backups and other data transfers to/from the phone.

      1. Yep. My “cloud” backup is actually my desktop machine at home. Can I access it over the air when I need to? Nope. But can I access it when I need to? Yep. I’ve never (so far!) needed to access anything that I had “dumped” to my desktop without knowing I might need it again soon, and then it was always needed on said desktop, not on my iPhone.

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