New Apple leaks reveal iPhone’s biggest gamble

“Looking through the current leaks around the next iPhone, there are a number of leaps in technology destined for Apple’s next-generation smartphone,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “The new technology will combine into the best iPhone yet… [but] it’s all been done before.”

“But the biggest gamble for Apple is not going to be in presenting all of this technology as ‘brand new’ to an adoring fan base ready to buy the next-generation iPhone,” Spence writes. “The gamble is that Apple is ready to delay all of this until 2017.”

“2016 is shaping up to be the year that Apple doesn’t do anything new,” Spence writes. “The year where it sits back and relies on momentum to see it through not just this year, but the bulk of 2017 as well.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Thanks so much for the premature load of bullshit, Ewan.

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  1. Have to disagree with Mr. Spence when he says 2016 will be the year Apple does not do anything.

    Apple has to pack up everything to move into their spaceship campus. Does Mr Spence know how long it takes to unplug everything and box it up?

  2. Apple has made great strides in color options for Apple products. Also, Apple has brought back the 4 inch screen size for iPhone after neglecting this market for years. We can all be proud of these great accomplishments.

    1. Hey Joe, if you happened to catch Serenity Caldwell yesterday gushing about how she got rose gold beats headphones to match her rose gold everything else Apple, you can see they understand fashion is becoming a greater part of hardware sales.

      If you followed Apple’s supply chain, you would understand that the mass scale of the 6 and 6s has brought component prices down to where they could offer the SE at a lower price. While color and the SE may not appeal to you, Apple is now a mass retailer with lots of tastes to accommodate.

      As far a great accomplishments: Tri-tone, ColorSync to ios9, color temp matching flash, Apple Pay, TouchID, increasing security, etc. Apple is not static.

  3. In other news, since Forbes no longer offers any actual new news, ever, Ewan Spence will lead for Forbes, the transformation to full fledged tabloid by heading the “Keeping up with the Apple bashers” section. Evan was quoted as saying “it’s so exciting to finally not have to worry about accountability in the least, not that he really did before, as Apple will be banned from advertising in the paper to keep the section fully “independent” of Apple influence or truth.

  4. Wait, I thought 2015 was the year Apple didn’t do anything new.

    A wrist-remote for your phone! A slightly lighter netbook with inconveniently fewer ports! A “pro” tablet that doesn’t run anything your old tablet doesn’t run! An “apple TV” with features Roku had two years ago! A phone that records MOVING PICTURES!

    It’s not that they’re not doing anything new that bugs me the most, it’s that they keep saying they are. ROSE GOLD! IT’S TOTALLY NEW!

  5. Apple isn’t doing anything new in 2016?

    Apple’s only problem is perception. The entire smartphone industry is suffering from a slump in sales and innovation.

    All the buzz in the tech industry is around cars, VR, and the possibilities of AI.

    Apple is well known to be involved in automotive research; AI is still in its infancy; and Apple is undoubtedly working on VR in its R&D labs, but probably sees no reason to bring such a thing to market.

    The problem is that these three areas are still in very early stages of development, and neither Apple nor Google nor Facebook, etc., is in a position to unveil anything truly game-changing this year.

    So Apple is stuck with the perception that it is dragging its feet.

    1. The thing is that companies can come out with these new tech, and some with a “we had it first” mentality, and Apple may very well be developing these things too, but when Apple reveals their product it’s mind blowing and at least near perfect.

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