Apple debuts two new TV ads for iPhone 6, one with Neil Patrick Harris

Apple has debuted two new television commercials for iPhone 6 on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

The first, more-standard, ad, “Fingerprint,” focuses on Touch ID and iPhone’s ability to quickly recognize its owner’s fingerprint to access various services and to execute various actions – from logging into your bank account to starting your car.

You can imagine a bunch of fragmandroid sufferers saying to themselves, “I can do that,” when they really can’t.

The second ad, “Onions,” humorously promotes the iPhone 6s’ ability to shoot 4K video and also features Neil Patrick Harris.

MacDailyNews Take: “Onions” made us cry, too.


  1. “Fingerprints” shows the great – unrecognized – potential that comes with touch ID. Apple is now ADVERTISING it, which portends that, maybe, soon, we will be doing more of it. I can’t wait to log-in to even more of my accounts with a fingerprint. Unlock my car, yes please! How about using phone/ fingerprint instead of an ID card to open the door at my office. And can we have touch ID on our Macs too, please. We are ready, Apple. PLEASE BRING IT ON!

  2. Yeah, that new iPhone ad is going to sell a lot of…onions!?!

    Now if Cook would concentrate on business and build on the ‘fingerprint’ possibilities….

    But no, he’s too busy selling onions to his homosexual friend, NPH….

  3. Apple’s adverts are better and better, and I am enjoying them a lot! They show verve, imagination, and humour, the three things every sapient being wants from exposure to media. Too bad these only appear in the political sphere during the White House Media Correspondents Dinner.

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