Apple’s future growth prospects are absolutely stunning

“Apple will have its first year-over-year sales decline this quarter. Looking yet one quarter further, the bearish tone turns yet more cacophonous, with seemingly limitless reports of suppliers cutting production,” Ophir Gottlieb and Jason Hitchings write for Capital Market Laboratories. “Here’s the thing though, a stock price isn’t based on the next two quarters – it’s focused on free cash flow into perpetuity.”

“Apple’s net income towers above every other technology firm, and even Alphabet pales in comparison,” Gottlieb and Hitchings write. “But, that’s all in the past – here is the future, and it’s quite bright for Apple, regardless of the bearish narrative. ”

“Apple has been pouring money into research and development,” Gottlieb and Hitchings write. “Apple spans almost all of technology’s transformative themes and looking one to two quarters in the future is not how to find a proper investment.”

Read much more, and check out all of the stunning charts, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s future has never been brighter!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Rainy Day” and “Mac95” for the heads up.]


    1. Most of those reports were unsubstantiated. I doubt most of those people would be privy to such guarded information. If that were the case, they could accurately figure out sales losses for all companies ahead of time and corner the stock market.

      How come investors stupidly bought Microsoft and Alphabet stock right into earnings without a clue? No advance reports for those companies telling they were headed for revenue losses like they give to Apple investors?

  1. This is EXCELLENT news for Apple naysayers and trolls. As long as Apple continues to do business, those bloodsuckers continue to have purpose and a livelihood. They are parasites dependent on the very flesh they pretend to revile.

  2. It’s true there are a lot of leeches out there making a living from reviling all things Apple. Apple is truly a lightning rod for the worst sort of people. There have to be more negative articles written about Apple than most other companies around. Volkswagen really screwed a lot of people with their phony emissions data which could have seriously harmed lots of people, but instead bloggers are writing about how terrible it is Apple has made a smaller iPhone.

    People are so stupid. They think everything Apple does is bad or useless. I’m sure Apple is no better or worse than most tech companies doing business. No one is being forced to buy Apple products. Why should Apple be more reviled than a weapons manufacturer?

  3. Go figure. Apple is working on a car with no wheels. The biggest problem they are trying to iron out is how to keep it from moving if it is hit. How far it should moved if hit.

    A car! man is this thing going to be expensive, but at 1500 miles @ 85 mph before 3 minute recharge it may sell. 150K plus dollars, 15 years to pay for it. oh yeah!

    1. Apple has a share price of of seven million dollars. OK. Fine. Apple literally has THOUSANDS of dollars in the bank. They are one of the world’s biggest telephone companies.

      To say they are doomed is ridonculous.

      1. APPL does not have a share price of seven million. I don’t kno where you’re getting that.

        Apple’s stock price is currently somewhere between $1-1,000,000 based on current estimates.

        The fact is that Apple is a computer company and the Macintosh is powering the business. I anticipate that teh Tgirtieth Anniversary Mac will increase sales 2,999-fold. So much upside.

  4. Obviously the author has no clue about what Microsoft is doing. First, Microsoft admitted to leaving the phone market. The Lumia 950 was built for the enthusiasts. They will return with the Surface phone which will be a leading edge product with very competitive features. Also with Universal apps will see the app gap shrink. I know this is an Apple audience but competition is good and no need to put down Microsoft. If you like Apple that is fine. I believe Microsoft has very compelling and competitive products which if you took a look may be surprised to find features and functions not found in Apple products. Apple believes it can ship anything they want and Apple people will buy it. Stay with Apple but be discriminating when you need to be otherwise Apple will lose the fire in the belly.

    1. I completely agree. I own every Apple product except the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini. After the decline in quality and the feeling that I just don’t feel like they have me in mind anymore, I happened on the AT&T store this weekend and purchased. a Lumia 950. The interface is stunning but the battery life is abysmal and the app store is like a desert land. Having said that, I recently purchased a pc and Windows 10 has a lot going for it. If they could get battery life down and do something to draw more developers to the Microsoft Store, it would be compelling. Apple TV4 is a disappointment to me but Windows doesn’t really have a comparable product unless you count X-One which I have and rarely boot up. My eggs are definitely not all in the Apple basket any longer though. Adding open source and the ability to develop for multiple platforms and a renewed commitment to expand the .NET framework to other platforms including the Mac is also helpful. As a developer who needs to reach all the platforms, I’d like one platform for everything. I’ve spent the last few years developing using Java on a Linux VM on my Mac using Parallels. Since I’ve probably pissed off about everybody at this point I’ll simply say this… Windows phone sucks but even IT can be charged wirelessly. How long have we been waiting for that from the iPhone? This is the type of innovation that I’ve been looking for from Apple while their constant quality blunders have kept them focused on fixing problems and making small enhancements to software. Oh and they have a car – well, we think.

      1. Rettogo, thanks for testing out the dark side. Stunning interface with abysmal battery life and no apps…that sounds like the phone for us! It apparently needs continuous charging, no just wireless charging!

        Seriously, why do people like you think that the rest of us will buy Apple products no matter what? That we do not care if Apple messes up? That we are blind to the competition? There may be a few of these almost mythical “Apple lemmings,” but the rest of us have a clue on life and we don’t need to purchase a Windows phone to realize that it may have one or two decent qualities.

  5. By the way – that picture is NOT what my Apple TV looks like. They left the black background for in-your-face white. Maybe the author would do better designing interfaces for Apple. Hmmm…

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