Apple debuts ‘Siri and Liam’ television commercial for Earth Day

Apple has debuted a new television commercial, “Siri and Liam,” to celebrate Earth Day on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

In the ad, Apple’s Siri personal assistant and Liam the iPhone recycling robot have differing views on how to best celebrate Earth Day.

Apple’s line of “Liam” robots can take apart up to 1.2 million phones a year.

Don’t forget to ask Siri about Liam!

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Reminds us a little bit of:


Except WALL-E would never dismantled EVE for recycling!


      1. Libtard I get, but what’s with the umlaut? Even Uber doesn’t bother with it. Is it something to to with the psychological second coming of the Third Reich, or am I overthinking it?

      2. Ahhhh, botty, the gift that just keeps on spewing sound bites and labels. What do you like to do during your weekends and holidays and vacations? Swim at the beach? Picnic in the park? Bike or hike along scenic routes? How about your kids (if any woman could bear to touch you) and their children? What kind of world do you want to leave to them? Does it freaking matter to you?

        All the money in the world means nothing if we ruin the Earth. Think about that…

        Have you ever visited some of the places on this Earth ruined by thoughtless acts of destruction and pollution in the name of progress and profit? Have you seen the empty neighborhoods near a SuperFund site? Have you seen the dead mountain streams resulting from the sulfur and other waste products of strip mining – you know, the stuff Former President Bush happily declared suitable for tossing down the mountainsides because it was cheaper for his wealthy friends to dump the waste than deal with it properly? Are you aware of all of the failed corporate promises of remediation because the billions in profits slip away while the liabilities are left uncovered in the end – the promises to the workers…the promises to the people to fix the land that they exploited. Somehow those promises are almost always left unfulfilled.

        These events share at least three aspects: a lack of respect for the environment, a lack of respect for other people (you don’t live there, so it does not matter), and overwhelming greed for profits in the short term regardless of the long term consequences.

        We do not have to destroy the Earth to enjoy a good standard of living, to make progress, or to make profits. In fact, those short term profits at the expense of the environment often come at the expense of massive long term price tags shouldered by the citizens of this country as the faithless and faceless corporations slink away and suddenly become “people” no more when it really counts.

        1. Melvin, you have the gift of saying less with more words…are you familiar with the word verbose?

          PS The Earth doesn’t give a rat’s ass what we do, it was here millions of years before we were here and it’ll be here millions of years after we are long gone. It is the height of pretension to think otherwise. But, pretension is your forte.

            1. If only those silly enviromentalists would stop wasting their time with their stupid complaining about nothing about become fine and constructive members of society like Belligerent Asswipe.

  1. Maybe they should now ask what Samdung and the rest of the cell phone makers are doing with their POS phones. I’m guessing not much except filling land fills and the ocean. Harder to recycle the plastic from their devices I’m thinking.

    Come on, someone cue Green Peace….or the other so-called earth protection organizations.

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