Live TV options on Apple TV not ready for prime time

“With the latest update, Apple started promoting what it calls ‘Live Tune-in,’ the ability to ask Siri to watch the live broadcast of a specified channel, like CBS, Disney XD, or ESPN,” Dave Mark writes for The Loop. “A terrific goal, one that would allow Apple to keep a viewer in the Apple TV ecosystem without having to switch inputs to their cable box to watch live TV.”

“The current setup is a far cry from being able to watch your local stations on your Apple TV,” Mark writes. “But it is a step, albeit tiny, in the right direction.”

“To be clear, I absolutely love my Apple TV. I own three of them and take one with me when I travel. A terrific solution,” Mark writes. “It’s just that live TV is not there yet. Lots of problems to solve, including pricing/validation issues.”

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    1. I believe Steve used the word “Hobby”. Which it still is.

      The Roku 4 does just about everything as good or better than the ATV, with a better interface, for less money. And it is future-ready with 4K compatibility.

      1. Wonderful! I didn’t know that Rokus could play music from my iPhone, or stream video from my iPad, rent videos from the iTunes store, let me browse my photos, play music from my iTunes collection, listen to iTunes radio, or download and play games. I didn’t know I could write apps for the Roku. I didn’t realize it has speech control or a touch-pad remote or 64 GB of storage.

        It’s apparently come a long way in the last couple years since I tried it!

        1. Yeah, it does have all of those features…. But why does a fanboy like me own a Roku 4. Don’t settle…. Apples trying to sell you another device when they finally add 4K

          1. I’m fine with that. There’s very little 4K content out there today. The standards haven’t yet been fully established and like most people I have other equipment that will need to be upgraded first. In the meantime, I get a fantastic inexpensive device that I can eventually sell when the 4K version comes out or move to a 1080p TV elsewhere in the house.

            I’d rather Apple did what they did instead of waiting to release this version or releasing it with “4K support” that isn’t quite what it should be (hardware decoding, HDR, etc…)

      2. I agree…. Loyal fanboy here….. But in this case I wish I could return my ATV…. Convince everyone else to boycott ATV until Apple gets Amazon Prime and 4K…..

        Roku 4 gets my vote

        I own 2 ATV 4 units…. Dust catcher…. My Roku 4 gets used everyday.

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