HP wants to turn your Mac into a 44-core Windows PC

“If your Mac isn’t fast enough to edit 3D video, HP has a workaround to make it possible,” Agam Shah reports for IDG News Service.

“HP’s new remote graphics tool will allow Mac users to tap into the massive computing power of HP Z workstations, which can have up to 44 CPU cores,” Shah reports. “The Remote Graphics Software (RGS) turns the Mac into a remote desktop tuned for graphics. A ‘sender’ plugin on the HP Z links to a receiver on the Mac, allowing the computers to share screens and applications.”

“The Mac receiver is being released as HP announces new workstations with the latest CPUs and GPUs. The high-end HP Z840, equipped with Intel E5-2600 v4 chips and Nvidia Quadro GPUs, can outperform any Mac, HP claims,” Shah reports. “HP’s announcement is part of a campaign being waged by PC makers to draw users, particularly creative professionals, away from Macs. Apple hasn’t upgraded the Mac Pro since 2013, and RGS will provide access to new video editing software on the Z.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Apple hasn’t upgraded the Mac Pro since 2013…”

Patience, padawans. Always in motion, the future is. Much longer now, it will not be.

Hey Apple, how about shipping a new computer sometime? – April 15, 2016


  1. CAN’T get to the article !!!!!! As I said before I edit in 3D using PowerDirector. The results are GREAT. You can burn your own 3D Blu-ray movies at 1920*1080P 24frs. My results are BETTER than movies I have bought. (as far as the 3D effect) These movies can play back on a PS3, PS4, Xbox One, or a 3d Blu-ray player. You do have to be running Windows on your Mac.

    1. To be fair HP Z class workstations have always wiped the floor with Apple Mac computers. But historically have been very expensive. But now it is definitely the Apple Workstation class machine that is vastly overpriced and underpowered and underupgradable.. but Thats ok, you got a shiny watch right?

  2. Why doesn’t HP simply configure a Z Series system for Mac OS-X – that’s all us pro users really want anyway! We don’t care that much for its looks! We simply want speed and HP apparently has the components to give us that!! Apple could get the OS-X revenue. Oh, they don’t want HP to do that? Okay then, upgrade the MacPro.

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