Apple CEO Tim Cook tied for 25th in 2016 TIME 100 Reader Poll; Bernie Sanders wins in landslide

TIME Magazine reports:

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has won the TIME 100 reader poll, topping not only his rival Hillary Clinton but also a host of world leaders and cultural figures for who TIME readers think should appear on our annual list of the most influential people in the world.

Sanders finished with 3.3% of the total “yes” votes when the poll closed at midnight on Thursday, edging out the South Korean boy band Big Bang’s 2.9%, Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s 2.2%, and President Obama’s 2%. Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, Pope Francis and Leonardo DiCaprio round out the top 10. Clinton, Sanders’ opponent for the Democratic nomination, finished with 1% of the yes votes.

Sanders, who has long benefited from digitally active supporters, led the reader poll from the start. While he badly lags Clinton in winning the delegates needed to capture the presidential nomination, his populist rhetoric and emphasis on income inequality has allowed him to sustain a stronger-than-expected challenge to Clinton while also helping frame the debate in the Democratic contest.

The TIME 100 is comprised of world leaders, great minds in science and technology, outstanding figures in the arts and other icons of the moment. TIME’s editors ultimately choose the TIME 100, which will be announced April 21.

The Top 25 from the 2016 TIME 100 Reader Poll:

3.3% – Bernie Sanders
2.9% – Big Bang
2.2% – Aung San Suu Kyi
2.0% – Barack Obama
1.9% – Malala Yousafzai
1.8% – Lady Gaga
1.7% – Taylor Swift
1.7% – Michelle Obama
1.7% – Pope Francis
1.7% – Leonardo DiCaprio
1.6% – Emma Watson
1.5% – Adele
1.4% – Bill Gates
1.4% – J.K. Rowling
1.3% – Mark Zuckerberg
1.3% – Justin Trudeau
1.3% – Beyoncé
1.2% – Jennifer Lawrence
1.2% – Tsai Ing-wen
1.1% – Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha
1.1% – Elizabeth Warren
1.1% – Stephen Colbert
1.1% – Angela Merkel
1.1% – John Oliver
1.0% – Tim Cook
1.0% – Serena Williams
1.0% – Panti Bliss
1.0% – Hillary Clinton
1.0% – CL of 2NE1
1.0% – Elon Musk
1.0% – Joe Biden

Full results here.

MacDailyNews Take: Damn, those fractions of percentage points are tough to come by!

And, yes, judging by some of the names/boy bands on this lost, Idiocracy wasn’t a movie, it was a prophetic documentary:

Possibly NSFW, depending on where you work:


        1. If you read the list, you would see that Time Magazine’s reader poll includes international figures that are considered influential. Obviously it is myopic crowd-sourced opinion, but that’s what passes for journalism these days.

          It is refreshing, however, to see the list populated with at least a few people who work for peace and justice, not just pop tarts & celebrities.

  1. Should corrupt Clinton get indicted, forcing her to drop out, I want the sleazeball Dems to back egalitarian Sanders full throttle instead of backing Biden or some other, similar near-Rightwinger NeoLiberal.

    1. Did you notice how Time had to get a dishonest dig in at Sanders?
      “While [Sanders] badly lags Clinton in winning the delegates needed to capture the presidential nomination…”

      The current delegate count is:
      Clinton: 1289
      Sanders: 1045

      That’s a difference of 244, or about 10% of the 2334 delegates pledged so far. He’s behind, but this is about the half-way mark in the primaries – there are 2429 pledged delegates yet to earn, and it seems like Sanders might be gaining momentum. Super-delegates do not count yet, as they will fall into line with whoever wins the pledged delegates (unless the party has a death wish).
      Ted Cruz is farther behind Donald Trump, but the media make it sound like there is still a close race going on there. Fascinating.
      Read more:

      Disclaimer: I don’t think Sanders is the messiah, but I think he’s better than any of the other blatantly corrupt establishment politicians running. And that includes Trump – it’s astounding to me how many people have been duped into thinking he’s some kind of outsider. He’s best buddies with a bunch of these corporate-worshipping politicians.

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