Chelsio announces full support for Apple Mac’s OS X El Capitan

Chelsio Communications, Inc., a leading provider of high performance Ethernet adapters for storage networking, virtualized enterprise data centers, cloud service installations, and cluster computing environments, today confirmed its commitment to Apple technology innovations by announcing driver support for El Capitan, the latest release of OS X for the Mac, which brings enhanced usability, performance and security across its Terminator 5 (T5)-based line of networking ASIC and adapter solutions. This announcement makes Chelsio the only high-performance connectivity provider with a full range of 40GbE storage and network connectivity solutions to support Apple’s OS X El Capitan.

The Chelsio driver, which supports Mac OS X v10.11 and above, is available today from Chelsio and its distributors. It provides support for stateless offload operation, including checksum offload, Large Segment Offload (LSO) and Large Receive Offload (LRO).

With more than 15 years of experience in powering high-performance applications, Chelsio’s network and storage connectivity products address all aspects of media production and support each step in the process, from content creation to delivery. The Mac’s OS X has long been a platform of choice for creative professionals and applications such as high definition 4K digital video production and editing. While sparking the imagination of the high-end creative professionals, it also brings challenges including greatly expanded file sizes, project complexity and storage footprint. Chelsio 10/40GbE networking solutions are ideal for high-performance audio and video workflows for 4K high-definition production.

Connectivity for Mac Pro and MacBook Pro systems to high-performance network and storage infrastructures is seamlessly enabled via Chelsio’s 10/40GbE offerings and 25/100GbE networking in the future. Previous generations of the Mac Pro, which will be upgrading to OS X El Capitan, can utilize Chelsio’s full product offering to leverage the new performance capabilities.

“We are pleased that Chelsio has released its driver for El Capitan, which will enable higher performance Ethernet connectivity for high definition 4k video applications,” said Samuel Mestman, CEO for LumaForge Systems, in a statement. “Support for Apple operating system updates recognizes the need to keep pace with the latest technology for high-performance media production workflows.”

“The OS X El Capitan operating system sets a new bar for Apple OS performance and complements why users select Chelsio 40GbE networking solutions,” said Rajeev Sharma, senior product manager for Chelsio Communications, in a statement. “As Apple extends the boundaries of OS X functionality, Chelsio will continue to provide industry leading networking products that optimize performance and compatibility.”

Source: Chelsio Communications


    1. Extremely high-speed Ethernet adapters, for example for those editing 4K video on a server farm and who want to see it play back in real time with no buffering.

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