“Every six months Piper Jaffray performs an extensive survey — called Taking Stock With Teens — among the slightly rough-chinned and excitable members of our next great generation,” Chris Matyszczyk reports for CNET.

“Sixty-nine percent of the approximately 6,500 teens, average age 16.5, surveyed for this spring survey are iPhone owners — up a point from 6 months ago. Seventy-five percent said they expect their next phone to be an iPhone,” Matyszczyk reports. “That’s also up a point. Meanwhile, Android bounces along at 19 percent choosing it as their next phone.”

“50 percent of these teens said their next tablet would be an iPad, with another 13 percent voting for the iPad mini,” Dormehl reports. “Desire for a new Android tablet sunk two points to 14 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s domination strengthens as even those who’ve settled – or, more precisely, had their parents force them to settle — for iPhone and iPad knockoffs, crave the real thing.

If it’s not an iPhone or an iPad, it’s not an iPhone or an iPad. Derivative garbage is derivative garbage.

Note also, that Piper’s “Taking Stock with Teens” surveys are of U.S. teens only, so they’re more well-off and able to buy the best or have the best bought for them than teens in general outside the U.S.