IBM and Box team up on corporate software for Apple Devices

“IBM and Box think they have a way to win the hearts of salespeople who use Apple devices,” Jonathan Vanian reports for Reuters.

“IBM said on Thursday that it has released a new version of its iOS Expert Seller app for corporate sales teams and marketers that’s built on top of Box’s file storage service,” Vanian reports. “The Expert Seller app lets you organize all the corporate documents that salespeople need so they can better land deals.”

“The new version is supposed to let sales staff more efficiently retrieve their documents and preview them without having to open them,” Vanian reports. “It also features new security and staff permissions through Box’s technology.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good news for all three companies. Bad news for would-be competitors trying to peddle their derivative, insecure, app-lacking wares.


  1. I don’t know if it is possible, but it would be great if Apple could use 3D Touch, or simply extended touch (on iPhones without 3D Touch) to allow for Quickview preview of any document in a Cloud app (iCloud, Dropbox, Box…) in iOS, just as they have now in OS X using the spacebar. I know this is working for Photos now in the Photos app, and with links in the Mail app, as Apple uses “Pop and Peak” to advertise the merits of the new iPhones with 3D Touch.

    I am working still off an older iPhone, so I don’t know what is currently possible with 3D Touch in its current implementation. Does anyone know if you can use 3D Touch to “Pop and Peak” documents (MS Office docs, iWork docs, et. al.) in the Dropbox app?

  2. Considering my personal experience with Box’s cloud services, I am HIGHLY skeptical of the quality of this alliance. I’ve had to perform a couple hours of out-thinking Box’s blundering of my source files, which they completely ERASED from my backup through gawd knows what incompetence. Thankfully, I keep local backups as well. I won’t be using their service to mirror my source files ever again, which was part of the blundering of their service.

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