Relax. Apple and the iPhone are far from ‘doomed’

“One of Apple’s core strengths is that the company is not one of those one-trick pony tech firms,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “And let’s be honest, the tech industry is crammed with one-trick ponies firms that find it difficult to reinvent themselves. After years of exploring new avenues, Google is still a search and ad company, Microsoft continues to cling on to Windows and Office for dear life, and companies like Intel, AMD, HP, Nvidia and the like are, on the whole, doing today what they were doing a decade ago, and a decade before that. Apple is a company that knows how to change.”

“Next, I want to address the common and oft-quoted misconception that Apple products are expensive, luxury goods. They’re not.”

“Macs and iPhones, and to a lesser extent, iPads and Apple Watches are everywhere,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “From lecture theaters to coffee shops to business meeting rooms the world over. The mere idea that Apple is in the same category as Prada or Rolex or Ferrari is laughable. Sure, Apple makes high-end products, and those products aren’t cheap, but to call it a luxury brand is a disservice to companies that actually sell luxury goods. Is there any luxury brand out there that can shift 75 million units of a single product line in three months? To put that figure into perspective, Rolex makes less than a million watches a year, while Ferarri makes about 7,000 cars a year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s ecosystems are by far the stickiest in tech. Apple’s future couldn’t be brighter!


  1. An iPhone is a personal super computer which has taken on the mantra of the “swiss army knife”, an indispensable possession, of which the world has never before witnessed in such awe inspiring numbers in terms of what a person is willing to pay for it and what a person is able to do with it!

    End of discussion.

  2. I realize that Apple is pretty close to bankruptcy since their main cash cow (Iphone) is in decline. But lately the rumor is that Apple is branching out into the sports franchise business. but seriously, why is Apple buying the Miami Dolphins??? Why not something cooler and closer to home like the LA Galaxy S??

  3. It’s not only the cost of switching platforms, but the treat of being hacked that thwarts many from leaving Apple. I just had a guy over to do some cabinet touch-ups and he just had $600 stolen out of his account. It turns out he has an Android phone with an older operating system. He told me his next will be an iPhone.

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