Apple at 40: The forgotten co-founder who gave it all away

“Drive out of Las Vegas for an hour into the Nevada desert. When you reach what feels like the end of civilization, carry on. That’s where you’ll find Pahrump,” Dave Lee reports for BBC News. “And it’s in Pahrump where you’ll find the co-founder of the most valuable, perhaps most powerful company, on Earth.”

“Ronald G Wayne is 81,” Lee reports. “When he was 41, he worked at Atari. And it was there he met a young, impressionable Steve Jobs who would regularly turn to Wayne for all manner of advice.”

“One day, Jobs finally asked the question that changed history: ‘Could you help me talk some sense into Steve Wozniak?'” Lee reports. “‘Bring him over to the house,’ Wayne said. ‘We’ll sit down, and we’ll chat.’ Over the course of around 45 minutes, Wayne turned things around. ‘He bought into it. He understood,’ he says.”

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MacDailyNews Take: From one of the world’s richest men to Pahrump. Ouch.

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  1. What desolation.
    I flew around on the satellite maps looking at the place and just what was on my screen depressed me!
    It looks like a place you go to die a slow miserable death.
    Home lots undeveloped and forgotten, dirt roads to nowhere…
    Looked at the real estate and found me a nice trailer with an estimated mortgage of $70/month. I think I can get my SS check to stretch that far.

    1. I’ll never understand why so many Americans spit on those who choose to live in wilderness areas. As a Brit, living on an overcrowded island, I love travelling anywhere different and Nevada has long been a favorate place to visit. The desert is a very special place.
      I find the folks living off the beaten track more friendly, more generous and much more interesting than their overly competitive uptight city brethren. They are not all drop-outs, social misfits, educationally sub normal, trailer dwelling conspiracy theorists or business failures. They’re just people.
      Perhaps it’s a fear of the big outdoors that provokes such reactions or maybe embarrassment that there are still areas that don’t fit the stereotypical city view.
      Coincidently, this year will be my 6th Burning Man visit.

  2. Leave the man alone, man!

    He did what was best at the time. Just think about the mountain of regrets he had to live with all this time. He probably burried it long time ago, so leave the man alone!

    At least he isn’t like a never-knew-long-lost-cousin that shows up when you win a lottery.

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