“Apple has vowed to increase the security of its products after the FBI bypassed the security of the San Bernardino gunman’s iPhone 5C with the help of a third party,” ComputerWeekly reports.

“The company said it would continue to help law enforcement with their investigations, but it also vowed to continue to increase the security of its products in the face of increasingly frequent and sophisticated attacks on data,” ComputerWeekly reports. “Apple said it believed people around the world deserve data protection, security and privacy. ‘Sacrificing one for the other only puts people and countries at greater risk. This case raised issues which deserve a national conversation about our civil liberties, and our collective security and privacy. Apple remains committed to participating in that discussion.'”

“The US Department of Justice has declined to comment on whether it will share with Apple the method it has used to bypass the iPhone’s security features. Officials also declined to say whether the FBI would share the method with other state agencies working on cases that require bypassing iPhone security measures,” ComputerWeekly reports. “If the method exploits a flaw, Apple is keen to fix it so that it could not be exploited by cyber criminals, but US government officials have classified the information, according to the Guardian

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MacDailyNews Take: If the feds fail to disclose, as we wrote last week:

Apple should simply buy Cellebrite and other entities like it and task these newly acquired engineers with hardening iPhone to ridiculously hack-proof levels.

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