iPhone SE preorders surpass 3.4 million in China alone

“Though Apple hasn’t announced any official sales figures, preorders for the iPhone SE are said to have exceeded 3.4 million so far in China alone, according to data from local retailers,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The initial preorder figures were cited on Monday by CNBC, which revealed that gold has been the most popular color among buyers in China,” Hughes reports. “Apple’s new rose gold option was said to be in a close second place among early adopters.”

Hughes reports, “Preorders for the iPhone SE began last Thursday in 13 territories, including key markets in North America, Europe and Asia. Apple plans to expand availability of the iPhone SE, as well as the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, to another 47 countries in the coming weeks.”

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  1. That 3.4 million is just the three largest Chinese resellers. My guess is preorders are 10-15 million for all launch countries. Apple sold 47 million iPhones last June quarter. It looks like they will exceed that number this year.

    1. Not so sure about that.

      There is a marklet for small phone and there is market for bigger phone. I don’t think it will affect one each other… And some people have their mind set either small or big.

      The phone market is huge and diversify…

      Btw iPhone7 will sell like hotcake…. Again

  2. Apple is really good at making people want new iPhone models. Not only adding innovate features that others don’t have at the time, but also recognising where demand is building up. Eg. Larger iPhones. In the case of the 4″ iPhone, I think Apple deliberately caused demand to build up. No upgraded 4″ inch iPhone has been released for a couple of years, because Apple wanted to ride the wave of of the larger iPhones. The cheaper 4″ inch phones can be sold in emerging markets. Now sales of the 6s and 6s+ have peaked, the time is right for the much better spec iPhone SE. Same with the iPad Pro 12.9″, you will get less sales if a 9.7 inch iPad is released at the same time, so delay its release.

    Samsung always has a hundred different smartphones on the market of all sizes and specs at the same time, there is never any excitement over a new model, there are never any lines at stores, because there are already dozens of other Samsung phones/Android phones on special or with 2 for 1 deals. Even new phones like the S7 have BOGO deals after less than a month on the market.

    The Fandroids say Apple is all marketing with little substance. This of course is rubbish, but Apple are much smarter at marketing than everyone else.

    1. Sigh, you are so right. I like Hello Kitty and sometimes wish Apple had parnered with them, but there are already dozens of Hello Kitty cases and accessories for existing iPhone and Android models. In the surfeit lies ennui and a diminution of classical economic utility a la Thorstein Veblen.

  3. Oh but surely nobody wants small screen phones anymore. Everyone wants to be holding something the size of an iPad Pro up to their face to make a call, don’t they?

    This model will be huge, although only in a sales way.

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