How Apple thwarted Intel’s plans to make RealSense emotionally smart

“Intel has grand plans for computers that will recognize human emotion using its RealSense 3D camera, but Apple appears to have dealt it a setback,” Agam Shah reports for IDG News Service.

“RealSense uses a combination of infrared, laser and optical cameras to measure depth and track motion,” Shah reports. “It’s been used on a drone that can navigate its own way through a forest, for example. It can also detect changes in facial expressions, and Intel wanted to give RealSense the ability to read human emotions by combining it with an emotion recognition technology developed by Emotient.”

“Emotient’s plug-in allowed RealSense to detect whether people are happy or sad by analyzing movement in their lips, eyes and cheeks. Intel added the plug-in lto its RealSense developer kit last year, saying it could detect “anger, contempt, disgust, fear,” and other sentiments,” Shah reports. “But a few months ago Apple acquired Emotient, and that seems to have put the brakes on Intel’s plans, at least as far as that company’s technology is concerned.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This reeks of Apple’s acquisition of Siri. Expect Emotient tech to be offer features unique to iPhones and/or iPads via future iOS versions.

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  1. Echo and now this unbelievable intrusive tech bonanza for the NSA masquerading as “helpful” services. People are so naive. Lazy and stupid Americans deserve what happens to them.

    1. Yeah, but a few of us here in the USA aren’t lazy or stupid and don’t deserve #MyStupidGovernment or the current shite menu of presidential candidate dopes.

      Now, if we deported all the American Idiots to Texas, then shoved it off into the Caribbean to fend for itself… 😉

    1. Have you ever opened the setting on your iPhone? (assuming you actually own an iPhone) You can turn Siri off any time you want and if you don’t say “Hey Siri” or push the home button too long, you will never invoke Siri.

      How about you stay the xxxx out of this forum?

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