Man credits Apple Watch with saving his life

“When Dennis Anselmo started to ‘feel terrible’ he thought it was because he was coming down with a fever,” Daniel Jones reports for The Sun. “But when the 62-year-old glanced down at his Apple gadget he saw that his heart rate was more than 210 beats a minute.”

“Doctors who later cleared the blockage in his arteries told him if he had gone home and slept he would have likely had a second, fatal attack, in the middle of the night,” Jones reports. “Dennis told The Sun: ‘I was building a fence placing posts in the ground. We finished lunch at 1.15 and was back to work. I felt terrible – like I had a really bad flu. I worked for maybe ten minutes but said to my helper I need to sit down. As I sat there I started to fiddle with my Apple Watch.'”

Jones reports, “‘I have a very low pulse normally – about 50. Most people are 55 to 75. I brought it up and – and it was 210 bbm. I turned to my helper and said: We need an ambulance,’ [Dennis said].”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch saves the day again!

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    1. Nice anecdote, but thousands die from illnesses whose direct causes are combinations of bad genes, bad diets, tobacco use, excessive alcohol use, and lack of exercise. This was Dennis’ second MI which means he is likely to suffer another event.

      Rather than praising Apple Watch for “saving” this one life what the hell can Apple watch do change millions of peoples’ genomes or poor life choices. Uh, nothing.

      Let’s not forget that rapid access to medical interventions also played a significant part in his recovery, but even this is no guarantee of survival. In this story Dennis has a friend with him, if Dennis was alone it is possible he could have died with an impotent Apple Watch still strapped to his wrist.

  1. I had an event last week that if it was worse my Apple Watch could have been a life saver. I was working on my dock when the railing gave way and I fell in the water with it. I was not hurt and someone else was at home. I was wearing my Watch but not the phone. I realize that if I would have been hurt and alone, a real possibility, I could have used my Watch to call for help. My phone was close enough to be connected. I had more respect for my Watch after that. Although my situation was unique, there are a lot of home repair projects where something you keep on you all the time could save your life. There are safety features that no one talks about. Of course there are a lot of people who need the Watch to fail for different reasons. So don’t expect the tech press to talk about it.

  2. I’m waiting for the liquid metal watch with special metal alloys that make it bullet proof and then I’m going to get two Apple Watches in case that “Wonder Woman” moment ever happens!


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