Apple’s new Apple News native ads could fool you

“Apple users could be in for a surprise when the company debuts its new ads for Apple News,” Hilary Brueck reports for Fortune. “But then again, maybe they won’t even notice the change.”

“The new ad format for the news app is designed to put banner ads more seamlessly side by side with regular articles in the news feed,” Brueck reports. “It’s a shift for the app, which now hosts barely any sponsored content.”

“Apple wrote that the new native news ads, which should debut later this month, are ‘intended to blend in with their surrounding[s]’ distinguished only by a sponsored tag in the bottom corner of the screen,” Brueck reports. “That means the content will be virtually indistinguishable from regular news stories.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We haven’t seen them, yet. Have you?


  1. There’s too much garbage in Apple News. I’m glad you can swipe left or right to say if you like or dislike the article, but there are too many variables at work.

    For example, when I swipe dislike does Apple take that to mean:
    – I don’t like the news source of the article
    – I don’t like the subject area of the article
    – I don’t like the writing in the article
    – I don’t like the slant of the article (for or against)

    Because when I say I dislike an article from “Bob’s Blog,” about a new Android Phone, written in first person train-of-thought garbage prose, saying the new phone is awesome…

    …I wonder if I’ll still get articles about phones, or still get personal tech articles, or get lots more blog-Android articles that are just anti-Android.

    Contextual like/dislike would be helpful.

    But even that might be too much work. I’m tending away from Apple News, unfortunately. Too much garbage, unfortunately.

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