Open thread: Decoding ‘Let us loop you in’

Apple’s March 21st special event invitation (below) features the message: “Let us loop you in.”

What could this cryptic sentence mean?

Well, Apple does offer the stainless steel (silver) Milanese Loop for Apple Watch and there are rumblings of a new black Milanese Loop coming at the event, but it that really enough to warrant being the marquee on the special event’s invitation?

What if the phrase refers to Apple Smart Bands? Or “Smart Loops?” Think Apple Watch bands loops that add extra functionality (GPS, for just one example) to the Apple Watch.

Wouldn’t such a Smart Loop or a line of Smart Loops help Apple “loop in” new Apple Watch customers?

What do you think Apple’s invitation means?

Apple's "Let us loop you in" March 21st special media event invitation
Apple’s “Let us loop you in” March 21st special media event invitation

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  1. I am not a native English speaker, but isn’t the expression “Loop you in” meant as “bring you in the loop”?
    For years it has been part of the attraction of buying Apple products, that they are not just the products themselves but are also part of the Apple eco-system.
    This is what I would call the “Apple Loop”. And the coming iPhone SE is a very attractive and cost effective way of bringing new customers into this Apple Loop, into the Apple ecosystem.

  2. Maybe the iPhone SE will be less expensive than we think, allowing the bottom-feeders to stumble onto the Apple way, and grow into actual Apple customers, rather than just picking up the shiniest least expensive phone in the AT&T store then complaining when the phone “locks up” or “dies and dont wrk” or “freezes up and won’t let me go on fb” lol. But really, a less expensive phone would surely get people into the Apple loop.

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