Open thread: Decoding ‘Let us loop you in’

Apple’s March 21st special event invitation (below) features the message: “Let us loop you in.”

What could this cryptic sentence mean?

Well, Apple does offer the stainless steel (silver) Milanese Loop for Apple Watch and there are rumblings of a new black Milanese Loop coming at the event, but it that really enough to warrant being the marquee on the special event’s invitation?

What if the phrase refers to Apple Smart Bands? Or “Smart Loops?” Think Apple Watch bands loops that add extra functionality (GPS, for just one example) to the Apple Watch.

Wouldn’t such a Smart Loop or a line of Smart Loops help Apple “loop in” new Apple Watch customers?

What do you think Apple’s invitation means?

Apple's "Let us loop you in" March 21st special media event invitation
Apple’s “Let us loop you in” March 21st special media event invitation

Coming at Apple’s March 21st event: 4-inch iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, new Apple Watch bands, and more – March 11, 2016
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  1. Apple is going to unveil plans for a HyperLoop prototype to tie together some of their facilities for ultra-fast transportation between Apple campuses.

  2. I think you’re thinking too hard about this … isn’t the event being held on the Apple Campus in Cupertino … isn’t that address 1 Infinite LOOP?

  3. We all know why the new corporate campus is round – to disguise the accelerator in the sub-basement. It’s been operational for a year and they’ve discovered the real “God Particle.”

    To be featured soon in the new iGod.

  4. I think they have invited Johnny Thunder, oringinal singer of “Loop de Loop” (if he is still alive or maybe even if he is not!) to perform at the end of the event, which would indeed be a wellcome relief from the mediocrity that the Apple Execs seem to love. Or their self driving car will enter on stage and make loops around Tim Cook. Or they will draw a bunch of loops with Apple Pen on the new mini iPad Pro. Regardless what it is hopefully it will be a surprise 🙂

  5. I think the article has it right.

    So called “smart bands” have been a foregone conclusion since the side port was discovered even before the watches were publicly available.

    Could make sense to give them a different name. Bands are straight up materials. Loops have added functionality. Or maybe they will be called smart bands and loop is just a verb here.

    In any case, electronic bands could add:

    – GPS
    – Sleep tracking (pop off the face to charge)
    – Extra battery life
    – Special health monitoring (blood pressure, exertion monitoring through sweat, blood oxygen, some day glucose, though likely a long way off and not at all guaranteed)
    – magnetically attached and charged Bluetooth speakers
    – extra screen space, or lights to signify: messages, stand, etc
    – others?

  6. Take a look on invitation’s colour pattern… Silver, grey, gold, rose gold… I’d say Apple is closing the loop offering all their devices (with the exception of iMacs, MacBook Pros and MacPros) in all that colours. Currently, iPhones 6s / 6s Plus and Apple Watches are already available in that pattern. So I’d expect the brand new iPhone SE and the new’ iPad Pro mini’ will also be available, and even THE LAUNCH OF A NEW MACKBOOK 12″ IN ROSE GOLD TOO. That’ll make sense for me.

  7. I think it has to do with the new headphones without a 3.5mm jack – they will loop around your ears. You won’t have to pick up your phone for too much any more. Not one single person has thought about the headphone issue as being the loop.

  8. Serious question: What function does having GPS in the watch serve? You would still need your phone with you for the watch to pull maps data from the cellular network while you’re driving/walking/riding, so what would be the point in having GPS in both the watch and the phone?

      1. Cyclists I ride with have all manner of cycle computers not to mention fitbits, Polar, and Garmin gear dripping. Some have iPhone mounts on their handlebars. But I don’t know any of them that likes the Apple Watch. It’s too big and clunky for comfort, but too small to read and hard to use on a bike.

        Sorry, just reporting what I’ve seen. Apple Watch just isn’t a great product for active users. It was designed first and foremost for cubicle dwellers, not athletes.

  9. How about if the reference could be to the last Special Event associated with Infinite Loop before the move and use of the Theatre at the Spaceship

  10. There are many ways for Apple to ‘loop us in’. A new Milanese loop for Apple Watch is an obvious loop. And yes, Apple’s address is another obvious loop… perhaps it will lead into an update on the Apple Campus 2.

    Smart bands for the Apple Watch would be a welcome addition, but I believe that Apple will wait untile Apple Watch 2 is announced. And I don’t feel that announcement is going to happen this month.

    I also don’t believe that Apple will announce the Apple Car just yet. So get those race track images out of your head.

    If Apple had used the word ‘ring’ instead of ‘loop’, then I might suspect that they were releasing an accessory to the Apple Watch called the Apple Ring (a souped up version of the Java Ring).

    If this were an invitation to the developers conference, I might suspect a new looping feature being added to Swift (perhaps ‘comprehensions’).

    Apple might use this opportunity to talk about security and their ongoing battle with the FBI. Perhaps they see a ‘legal loop’ here that will repeat forever.

    “Intelligence is the source of technology. If we can use technology to improve intelligence, that closes the loop and potentially creates a positive feedback cycle” Eliezer Yudkowsky

    One thing that I believe is ‘very possible’, and perhaps overdue, is an update to Siri. There is a great deal of competition in the arena of digital assistants and Apple needs to stay on top of the dog pile. I believe that Siri is a big part of Apple’s divorce from Google. Getting people to rely on Siri from their phone, watch or desktop would allow Apple to control the entire user experience and ‘close the loop’ on Google (think Steve Jobs thermonuclear comment). While I do’t think that Apple is going to release a search engine or replace Google as the default search engine (yet), I do believe that Whittling aways the users dependance on Google is in Apples best interest.

    My thoughts on the March 21st event.
    1. New watch bands, specifically a Milanese loop in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold and Space Black
    2. Update on Apple Campus 2
    3. Mention on security and the Apple FBI battle
    4. Supercharge to Siri
    5. One more thing… new iPhone, USB C in all Apple desktops and laptops?

    Just my 2 cents

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