How to avoid blinding people at the movies with your Apple Watch

“A recent visit to the movie house taught me how to be even more obnoxious with technology,” Mac Kung Fu writes.

“I might’ve learned to keep my phone in my pocket when the picture’s showing but my Apple Watch kept notifying me of stuff, and when I raised my wrist I ended-up blinding myself and several people around me,” Mac Kung Fu writes. “I had to find a way to avoid this in future.”

“And the way to do so is… To switch to a wholly red-colored Watch face,” Mac Kung Fu writes. “Simple. The armed forces have known this for years.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That’s great, until you launch an app and then you’re back in whatever colors that app offers.

To deal with that, on your Apple Watch just go to Settings > Brightness & Text Size and simply dial down the brightness system-wide while you’re in the movies. Of course, make sure you also have both “Do Not Disturb” and “Silent Mode” on via Glance. If you want to go totally dark with your Apple Watch, just go to Settings > General and turn off “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Oh, if only there was something they could do??? If only there was a device. Some strap like device, made of rubber or leather that could be adjustable, as well as, undo so as to allow one to take off the watch for an hour or so…. Some kine of wrist strap. Yeah, some kind of watch wrist strap… IF ONLY!!!

    1. I was sceptical about the Watch, but got one on launch day. Used it daily and recently upgraded from Watch Sport to Watch.

      It’s an indispensable device. Only a lack of understanding render it surplus to requirement. Apple Pay alone is worth having one. Notifications, Hey Siri, reminders, weather alerts Dark Skies absolutely rocks 🙂 just to mention a few. Oh and it’s a very accurate Watch, you know for telling the time?

      In its current form as a Mark I device, it’s excellent and WatchOS 2 has admit better 2.1 slightly quicker and it is improving with each release of OS, but if you like having your face buried in your iPhone, that”s your choice.

      I absolutely love my Watch. It’s awesome, try it again and really learn about it’s hidden features.

      1. Ditto here. Wear it everyday. I get meeting/appointment reminders, set timers, send messages, and receive sports and weather alerts all without bringing out my phone.
        I even set mine up to notify me when I receive high-priority emails at work.

        My girlfriend finds her watch invaluable for receiving turn by turn directions while driving. And we both use the “locate my iPhone” feature more than we care to admit.

        Not only that but it’s also a fitness tracker.

        The key to success, as with everything else in life, is nuance.
        If you start off with the notifications mirroring that of your iPhone, then you will hate the thing. But if you simply start off clean and gradually add notifications and apps as you go, you can set the right level of notifications to match your lifestyle.

        The results are amazing. I no longer find myself pulling out my phone to check that one really important text, only to realize 30 minutes later that I got sucked into doing something totally unrelated just because there were interesting notifications on my lock screen. That’s the key to Apple Watch: keeping you off of your phone.

    1. You’d think Apple would have made a simple “airplane mode” like setting. For a company that supposedly thinks about the details, they sure miss a lot lately.

  2. Just too few reasons to go to a public movie theater when TVs are so great now. I just don’t need the annoyance, price, danger, dirt…etc.etc

    Problem solved.

    1. Just put the iPhone into Airplane mode – like you should do when you’re in a place like a cinema. You really can survive for a couple of hours without receiving FaceBook updates.

      If you’re expecting an urgent message – don’t go to the cinema.

      I can’t understand why people choose to go to the cinema, or worse still the theatre and allow their phones to interrupt their enjoyment of the entertainment. It’s astonishing that those people are so self-centred that they don’t care if they disturb other people’s enjoyment of the film.

      I was recently at a cinema where I don’t think there was a single row near me where somebody didn’t use a phone in some capacity or another during the movie.

  3. Or just put it in the “Power Reserve” mode while in the movie. The time will be displayed in green upon pushing the Side Button, bring back to normal function by holding Side Button in for ten seconds.

  4. Turning off “wake screen on wrist raise” is the best advice or wear the watch on the inside of your wrist for the movie. I permanently keep my screen at the lowest brightness setting all day and it’s still way too bright for a movie theater. I wish the brightness could be fine tuned like with the iPhone, on the Watch there are only 3 brightness levels.

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