The 7 best Apple products ever, including the Apple Watch

“Apple has released some of the best-selling products of all time, and has revolutionized whole industries on its own,” Chris Ciaccia reports for The Street. “Music, phones, computers and wearable technology have all been transformed as Apple has continued to grow in size and influence.”

“Apple is getting set to announce a slew of new products later this month, including a new iPhone, iPad and some Apple Watch accessories. The tech giant may have another hit on its hands with the lower-priced iPhone SE, especially as Apple pushes further into India, a market the company has said is extremely important to them,” Ciaccia reports. “Here’s TheStreet’s look at 7 of the best Apple products ever made, based on our assessment of impact to society, sales figures, media buzz or just plain coolness.”

The 7 best Apple products ever:
1. The Apple II
2. The Macintosh
3. iTunes
4. The iPod
5. The iPhone
6. The iPhone 5s
7. Apple Watch

Read more about each of the seven products in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Take out iPhone 5s and replace it with iPad, at the very least.

What would be your Top 7 Apple Products Ever?


      1. I am sorry to hear that you are not able to own one. If you ever do manage to get one, you will be able to experience the joy that I get when I wear mine. It is a truly wondrous product.

            1. I tried the Sport. Didn’t like it. Clumsy interface, too hard for old eyes to read. Sorry, it doesn’t rank up with the best Apple has done.

            2. You used it for 2 weeks or tried it at the store? Playing with it for a few minutes is a waste of time. After a few weeks the interface is as intuitive as the iPhone. My grandfather never got into email either though, so it may be a bridge too far for older generations.

    1. The 7 most important products to Apple:
      1. The iPhone 6s
      2. The iPad Pro
      3. Apple TV
      4. Apple Music
      5. Apple Watch
      6. Apple Car
      7. —

      The 7 most neglected products by Apple:
      1. The Mac & OS (Apple’s new hobby)!
      2. iTunes
      3. Photo Application (iPhoto / Photos / Aperture)
      4. Spotlight (can’t search network servers)
      5. Final Cut Pro
      6. Enterprise Business
      7. Thunderbolt

      Tim, you have some very serious problems within Apple. You guys are getting too sloppy with or walk away from products that carry the iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple TV…!

      Wake up!

  1. The 5s is a weird one on the list, not that there was anything wrong with it, but the rest of the list doesn’t specify a specific generation/version. It’s even more odd that “iPhone” is on the list and that the Macintosh isn’t broken down to include MacBooks. I would add the iPad to the list, and perhaps increase it to 8 to add the Apple TV.

    Also, HyperCard.

    1. Remember, Apple created the MessagePad which ran the Newton operating system. Calling the MessagePad the “Newton,” is like calling the iPad “iOS.”

  2. What does best mean?

    To me, it’s what offered the best value — long reliable service at a competitive price.

    1. OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
    2. 17″ MacBook Pro
    3. Mac Pro prior to 2013
    4. iPhone 6
    5. iPod Classic
    6. iTunes through version 10
    7. Aperture

    You will note that the iPhone 6 is the only product that came out of the Cook era. But like most everything else on the list, it was Jobs that kicked it off and made sure it was polished before released to customers.

  3. iPod mini? The nano? These were basically perfect products and hugely successful!

    5S rocks because it was the last phone Apple made that was comfortable to hold and designed for the human hand.

    See you March 21st!

  4. Why is #6 (iPhone 5s) the only product that has a specific model number. It’s also redundant.

    If we are including specific models instead of the generic categories, you need to include the iMac, Powerbook and Macbook Pro.

  5. I second the votes for:
    – the LaserWriter: launched desktop publishing
    – HyperCard: it’s forgotten to history but was a tremendous product and hugely influenced everything that came after, eg HTML, JavaScript, Flash, VisualBasic, every IDE, almost every multimedia tool and how multimedia is composed.

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