Seth Meyers of NBC’s ‘Late Night’ looks at Apple vs. U.S. government

“Seth Meyers of NBC’s ‘Late Night’ took aim at the subject of smartphone encryption and explained why it’s important that consumers know about it,” Patrick Seitz reports for Invetsor’s Business Daily.

“Meyers devoted a nearly seven-minute segment, called ‘A Closer Look,; of his show to examine Apple’s refusal to unlock iPhones for law enforcement officials,” Seitz reports.

“Of course, Meyers couldn’t resist making some jokes at Apple’s expense,” Seitz reports. “‘Apple is fighting back against critics and says it has no ‘sympathy for terrorists’ despite refusing FBI orders to unlock private iPhone data. In fact, Apple hates terrorists so much, it’s releasing a new U2 album just for them,’ Meyers said.

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MacDailyNews Take: Properly explaining the issue to certain audiences is important, given the obvious confusion amid those in the general public who initially lined up to back U.S. government overreach, blithely choosing to forfeit their rights, likely for nothing but photos of school cafeteria trays, if that.

And, yes, we were right about Maps:

No matter what Apple does, no matter how much better they make Apple Maps, it will now always “suck” in the minds of a large segment of the population… Apple seems to have learned nothing from the Newton: First impressions mean everything. Apple’s Maps have been Newtonized. All that’s missing is the Doonesbury strip… Here’s a little hint for the future: Everything that requires widespread customer use to develop a rich database before the product becomes fully usable should be clearly labeled “beta” upon release. Apple did it with Siri, but they forgot to do it with Maps. Had Apple been smart enough to simply place a “beta” tag on Maps, all of this rigamarole would never have occurred. — MacDailyNews Take, September 28, 2012

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  1. Apple needs to do serious usability testing BEFORE release and not have us do it after release.

    That is what I have done for decades and it pains me to see what Apple is releasing these days. I would fail students who did some of the the things Apple has done recently.

    I was one of the first 100,00 buyers of the original Mac when I was working on user interfaces for national defence and it blew my mind and now swear at some of the stupidities I encounter.

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