Within an hour of Malaysia Flight 370 disappearing, Apple was working with officials to locate it

“Apple has been in Washington D.C. today testifying before the House Judiciary Committee regarding the San Bernardino case,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “General Counsel Bruce Sewell is representing Apple during the hearing and has fielded a wide range of questions so far.”

“Louisiana representative Cedric Richmond,” Miller reports, “pressed Sewell to explain just how quickly Apple would be able to comply with a governmental request for assistance.”

Miller reports, “Sewell noted that when the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing, Apple was working with officials within an hour to try to find the plane: ‘When the Malaysia airline went down, within one hour of that plane being declared missing, we had Apple operators corroborating with telephone providers all over the world, with the airlines, and with the FBI to try to find a ping. To try to find some way to locate that plane.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: In other words, Apple’s current stance against the court order to open a back door into a terrorist’s iPhone isn’t recalcitrance, it’s principle.

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  1. Not to mention that Apple had already helped/advised with the San Bernardino case. Unfortunately the authorities decided for some reason to reset the passcode, defeating the easy actions.

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