San Francisco still owes Steve Jobs $174 for overpaid parking tickets

Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs “(accidentally) bequeathed the San Fransisco Municipal Transit Authority $174 in overpaid parking fines. He’s not alone—the SFMTA is trying to return $6 million in overpaid fines dating back to 1995,” Chris Mills reports for Gizmodo.

“According to NBC, the SFMTA had chronic problems from 1995 to 2012 with drivers overpaying fines, leading to $6 million in overpaid revenue,” Mills reports. “The agency is trying to return that money (without interest), which has led it to post the names and plate numbers of everyone who’s owed money on its site.”

Mills reports, “Notable among the list are Steve Jobs, owed $174 for four overpaid tickets…”

Steve Jobs' parking tickets

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MacDailyNews Take: Only four! That’s hard to believe since Steve Jobs was great at many things, one of which was, uh… eclectically parking his Merc:

Steve Jobs' parked car on January 13, 2007 (photo by brianamerige)
Steve Jobs’ parked car on January 13, 2007 (photo by brianamerige)

The truth about Steve Jobs’ Mercedes’ missing license plate – October 26, 2011

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “George” for the heads up.]


    1. yes it was sale of NEXT and Pixar.

      interestingly Jobs besides his $1 salary also refused share grants from Apple after 2003, effectively working for ‘free’ in his last years (he got a few perks like expenses covered for his plane etc)

      (btw. they should have just given him a parking spot).

  1. It was OK for him to park there, as this is Apple’s own parking lot. I know because I took almost the same photo when I visited. The car had the roof down and was standing on the handicapped space, which is the closest to the entrance,

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