Apple and the FBI will face off at a U.S. Congressional hearing on March 1st

“Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell will argue Apple’s encryption case in front of the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee on March 1st,” Ashley Carman reports for The Verge.

“Joining him will be New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance, encryption specialist and professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute Susan Landau, and,” Carman reports, “during a separate panel — FBI director James Comey.”

Carman reports, “The hearing, titled ‘The Encryption Tightrope: Balancing Americans’ Security and Privacy,’ will begin at 1PM ET.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If Comey continues lying in front of the House Judiciary Committee, can he be charged?

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    Here is what Brandeis and Warren said about privacy in 1890, which is still referred to. Note that they make an exception to the right when on the witness stand.

    The common law secures to each individual the right of determining, ordinarily, to what extent his thoughts, sentiments, and emotions shall be communicated to others.[16] Under our system of government, he can never be compelled to express them (except when upon the witness stand); and even if he has chosen to give them expression, he generally retains the power to fix the limits of the publicity which shall be given them.

    It is clear that privacy law as it stands today is not up to the needs of the 21st century’ and Tim Cook is absolutely correct in calling for congress and the Supreme Court to get into the matter.

    1. MDN: If Comey continues lying in front of the House Judiciary Committee, can he be charged?

      This is the new spangled CORRUPT version of the US government. Look what happened to General James R. Clapper, head of the NSA, when he bold-faced lied to Congress about illegally and unconstitutionally collecting any and all US citizen’s Internet data without a warrant! – – Nothing at all. The ass is still running the NSA. And we have NO reason to trust him.

  2. Apple needds to get to get technically factual, in as simple direct and indelible a way as possible. The public asnd especially the media and the politicians, need to understand and know exactly how dishonest and false the FBI’s and the DOJ’s statements and presentation of “facts” is.

    Apple is the only entity that really knows exactly what is involved here and what it means.

    Just like Apple’s products and software are transparent, appealing, user friendly and simple to the end user, so should Apple make and illustrate its reasoning and facts, in a way that nails it.

    Most politicians and media pundits will shift their support unequivocally to support Apple if this is done.

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