Apple plans to deliver Siri for Mac this year

“Apple currently plans to use its next major release of the Mac operating system, known as OS X 10.12, this fall to continue to expand Siri across its product lines,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “Last year, Apple implemented Siri as cornerstone features of both the Apple Watch and new Apple TV, and for 2016, Siri is planned to finally make its way to the Mac.”

“Apple had been testing versions of OS X internally with Siri integration since at least 2012, but sources now say that Apple has a clear vision for Siri on the Mac along with a polished user-interface and is nearly ready to launch the feature publicly,” Gurman reports. “Apple is expected to introduce OS X 10.12 in June at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.”

Gurman reports, “Siri for the Mac will live in the Mac’s Menu Bar…”

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  1. Over the years, while we’ve waited for Siri on Mac, I’ve understood the microphone problem, the speech recognition problem, the resulting incoherent response problem. Goodness knows, the current speech recognition on Macs is flakey, even with a dedicated headset microphone.

    But why have we had to wait so long if indeed there are solutions, such as a noise cancelation microphone? Siri on Mac is such an obvious fit and so obviously useful.

  2. I love Apple. Have owned Macs since 1984.. Own a lot of the stock. I am a true fanboy.. I admit it.

    But for me (your mileage may vary).. Siri stands as one of the worst things Apple has ever produced. They made a terrible modem at one point, they made the Apple camera, they offered a terrible social media/music blend. They released maps and the imagery is STILL five years out of date. They have a long history of quirky, largely unusable software. I forgive them for all that. But Siri is so often wrong (except with sports results), non functional, and just not very functional it makes me ashamed for the company. On a head to head trial …on the iPhone… try it yourself. Ask Google for the answer to a question, Then ask Siri. Try this for a range of queries. Google will win 8 times out of 10. Siri is STILL not ready as a product. Even my Xfinity X1 remote gets it right 95% of the time. Siri is simply not very good.

    1. Perhaps that strong southern drawl you have is the reason you have no luck with Siri. Maybe you are from India and it doesn’t doesn’t understand Indglish. Do you have a sever lisp?

      1. Or a Brooklyn accent. When you say “boid” and Siri or dictation interprets that word as “Boyd”, it doesn’t know that you meant “bird”!

        We’d all like to have devices which have the conversational and AI abilities similar to what we’ve witnessed in Star Trek The Next Generation. Unfortunately, we’re just not there yet.

  3. “…but sources now say that Apple has a clear vision for Siri on the Mac…”

    That is the key. Microsoft has touted Cortana on Windows 10 as some kind of impressive feature, but what is the point? I’ve never seen anyone use it in any meaningful way. I use Siri on my phone when I am driving. It makes a world of difference. I have said in previous posts that Apple would add Siri to OS X when it made sense; not simply because they could.

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