‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters interrupt demonstration in support of Apple vs. U.S. feds

“What was billed as a demonstration on the Mag Mile in support of Apple’s fight with the FBI turned into the latest protest over the city’s handling of the Laquan McDonald case, reports WBBM’s Terry Keshner,” CBS Chicago reports. “About 15 people turned out to protest the FBI’s fight against Apple, but many more from the Black Lives Matter movement seized the spotlight for a demonstration of their own around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.”

“There was some pushing and shoving with police officers when some protesters refused to clear a path for pedestrians along busy Michigan Avenue in front of the Apple Store at 679 N. Michigan,” CBS Chicago reports. “An American flag was set on fire, there were some more tussles between protesters and police then it was over.”

CBS Chicago reports, “Ryan Kolak of the Fight for the Future Movement was there for the Apple protest. He told WBBM, ‘It’s a little frustrating to us that it wasn’t as helpful for us to get our message out, but I’m always in support of people being able to speak their mind and being able to have the ability to make their voice heard.'”

More info and photo in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: 15 people in Chicago in support of Apple and, from the reports we’ve been getting, fewer than that at most Apple Retail Stores today.

Who says Americans in general are apathetic and don’t understand the incalculable value of the freedoms they have?! (dripping sarcasm)

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  1. People are notoriously lazy when the problem doesn’t seem to affect them personally. Let the government change the law and their privacy rights then they all will be up in arms.

  2. I can’t help but think. This is a major step towards, Skynet. The apathy is very real. The 51% that are willing to relinquish their basic inalienable rights, thinking this is about just one phone do not want to have their, mundane lives altered.
    Has anyone else heard that the San Bernardino killers destroyed their own personal phones??? We know the iPhones, in question, are the work issued phones. But if in fact they(killers) took measures to destroy there own phones how come this isn’t more publicized?
    This is a worthwhile listen,

    1. More interesting to me is why they didn’t destroy the iPhone as well! Perhaps they were aware that the Health Authority (the owner of the 5c) could very well have asked for it back for some reason or another. That would have meant that anything on the phone related to the “plan” would be found. I’ll bet that between the 19th of October when iCloud Backup was turned off and the date of the shootings, nothing but absolute work related matters were discussed, using either iMessage or the Cellular connection. These two were despicable enough to begin with but they obviously weren’t stupid enough to use a work issued device for planning. Myself and a few other local “No Such Agency” retirees speculate that the iPhone has been broken by the folks at Ft. Meade but the fact that it had been and the data recovered is not being made public to ANYONE. What would be the benefit of that?? To keep the “Bad Guys” secure in the fact that they cannot be overheard, intercepted, etc.

      1. I haven’t been aware that we have been specifically told that the iCloud backup setting was actually turned off on that date. All that I have seen is that the last iCloud backup was performed on that date.

        One obvious possibility is that the iPhone was simply switched off on that day and no longer used. It would be quite simple to check with the service provider and discover from their records whether the iPhone was still operational after that date and identify which cell towers it connected to and when.

        The FBI should be able to provide records proving that the iPhone was still being actively used after the 19th if they are so adamant in their claim that there is important information on that iPhone ( which there isn’t ).

  3. Can you imagine the outrage and ensuing violence had a white person dared to wear a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt? Most likely, he would have been killed. Shouldn’t every such protest group be wearing shirts that proclaim “All Lives Matter”?

    I have never seen a so-called African-American activist or leader (such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.) denounce a single instance of a black person killing a person of their same race. Research the actual annual number; you will be shocked.

    1. This is such a dumb comment. Go read one of the millions of rebuttals, or shut the fuck up.
      Also, I’ve seen MANY African-American leaders and activists speak out against violence, including within their community. Clearly you like to ignore Black people. Also, believe it or not, it isn’t surprising that most Black people are killed by other Black people. Guess what? Most white people are killed by white people. Most X people are killed by other X people. You know why? People are most likely to be killed by other people in their community. So, what was your point again? That black people are concentrated into segregated communities by racist polices? Good point.

      Here’s a short “Explain It Like I’m 5” explanation of why “All Lives Matter”is a repugnant response to saying the black people shouldn’t be slaughtered by the state:

      Finally, it’s really disappointing to see so many people here who are clearly against the government having the ability to access their phone, but are OK with the government having a system that disproportionately murders minority people. You can’t see the connection? No wonder we’re doomed. Guess what? Eventually all those systems designed to marginalize and kill Black people will be turned on you.

      All our grievances are connected!

    1. Disapointed with poor showing at NYC 5th Ave store, despite very cold rain and sleet.

      If one gives up their privacy and civil rights so easily, maybe they deserve to have none?

    1. I do say “Thanks Obama…”…it’s been a far better 8 years than the 8 years under Bush. The economy is far better than when Obama took over from Bush, we are mostly out of Iraq and Afghanistan, no Katrina’s, no 9-11 attacks…the Bush years were the worst. Obama has been great, far better than he gets credit for; history will remember him kindly, but history will not be kind to GW Bush.

    2. Supported Obama till the fabricated, un proven conspiracy charges his DOJ leveled at Apple in the e-Book case.

      This is the straw that erasers any respect and credit he may have still commanded. Obama has his priorities and principals up his ass, as does McConell.

      His legacy will be stripping away civil and privacy rights.

  4. What an interesting juxtaposition of protesters. I think we have to realize that for most people the technicalities don’t matter, what matters is that the FBI has asked for Apple’s help in getting into a terrorist’s iPhone, and that doesn’t seem so unreasonable.

    Now contrast that with what the Black Lives Matter protesters are standing up for. We have seen a pattern of black people getting killed by rough treatment by police, where it seems that in some cases there is a double standard. Now overall the police do a fine job, but there does seem to be a problem, and one more serious than an iPhone.

    Overall, I can think of many things a bit more serious to protest, such as how we need to do more to stop climate change, growing income inequality, etc.

    1. Black lives Matters is nothing more than an opportunistic fraud born out of the rampant thuggery that sprang forth out of the death of one useless wanna be criminal. To give it more credit than that is delusional and symptomatic of the sociopathic nature of black culture today. At this point they have all the respect of the Westboro Baptist Church.

      1. As Comprehend stated above the black on black crime rate is staggering. So many young black men and women are dying at the hands of black criminals, and yet the black “leadership” wants less policing, exposing more to this agony. My heart breaks for these innocent lives being lost. And even when a prominent black does speak out about this issue, they are shouted down by the black leadership, and the media just reinforces all of this.

        We spend a lot of time and energy in the schools trying to control bullying, and here, in plain view is and entire race of people being bullied by those of their own race, I wish I knew how to help.

    1. Perhaps, if they did not attend, MDN were not near a store with a protest to attend? They’ve basically dedicated their entire site to protesting this every day, all day – that’s doing a hell of a lot more than standing around drinking a latte in front of an Apple Store.

  5. Why is it that blacks always bring up the race card???

    They are far from the only ones who went through suffering. The Jews survived the Holocaust. Even today, many are subject to discrimination but they persevere and rarely ever raise the issue of race or religion or creed.

    The Chinese we subject to so much discrimination that there was actually a law that prevented them from coming to the US. It was the only law that prevented immigration and naturalization to the US based on race (Chinese Exclusion Act). Of course, the ones who were already here helping build out the transcontinental railroads that helped build the US suffered from much discrimination. They persevered and I never hear any Chinese-Americans bring this up during normal conversations.

    Yet blacks bring up the race card every opportunity they get. Why??? I don’t understand it. Black slavery ended over a century and a half ago. The Chinese Exclusion Act wasn’t repealed until the 1940s!!! It’s time to move on!! Get over it!! Stop bitching and get a job!!

    Black lives matter. But that does not mean other lives don’t matter!!!! These people who were demonstrating at the Apple Stores were also fighting for your privacy rights!!!!

    Geez. These dumbasses get me so mad!!!

    1. The blacks bring up race because it is still an issue today. Also, historically, if you and your people were yanked away from your homeland and forced into slavery into an entirely different country, you might have some lingering doubts. Even after the end of slavery black people had to endure a pattern of systemic racism and discrimination that was prevalent for over a century after slavery ended.

      If you are not black you don’t experience what they do and so it’s really inaccurate to dismiss their feelings and thoughts.

      The issue they are protesting on, about unfair treatment by some police, is a valid concern, documented in many cases on camera.

      As for the Jewish people…they rightfully do remember the Holocaust and zealously try to guard against anti semitism. Ever heard of the Anti Defamation League?

      Your remarks remind me of how many people complain about the Jewish people and Israel, and express that the Jewish people should just “get over it.” This is the same type of ignorant reaction to Jewish people that some have towards black people.

      Again, your own view is limited by your limited experience and exposure.

      1. Sure they were brought here unwillingly. But nothing is stopping them from leaving now. If it’s so bad and they can leave, why don’t they? Wouldn’t it make sense to act rather than just complain? How does disrupting a demonstration to protect our privacy rights further their agenda??????

        Of course the Jewish people remember the Holocaust. But I don’t hear them bring it up at every turn. Yes, there are still instances of anti-semitism in the US but where are the “Jewish Lives Matter” riots and violence?

        You didn’t comment on the Chinese who were tricked to traveling across the Pacific with promises of gold mountains only to find themselves working on railroads. Why don’t they start “Chinese Lives Matter” riots?

        Stop being apologetic of the stupidity.

        1. You see, people like Wade don’t realize they are the biggest part of the problem. They enable the stagnation of the black culture. “Racism” is all but a religion for black people Racism forgives everything. Fail at your job, it must be due to racism. Fail at anything, it must be due to racism. Racism is more forgiving than Jesus Christ.

          And coddling apologists like Wade? The reinforce the victim message. They invigorate racial angst. They maintain the presumption of inferiority. They underscore the stigma of lowered expectations, and then have the goddamn never to speak for black people while telling others they cannot.

          What a gloriously idiotic hypocrite.

          He can kiss my big black ass.

      2. “The Blacks.” Ah here we go, another white racist speaking for “The blacks.” Mind your own business. We’re sick of people like you. You’ve done enough. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. What a sucker you are.

        No one brought me here. I was born here. The 18th century is calling. They want their perspective back.

      3. “…your own view is limited by your limited experience and exposure.”

        Was that an auto-biographical statement, wade?

        STFU and don’t talk about things you know absolutely nothing about.

    2. Why is it that ignorant psychopathic racists like you think that Blacks should suffer in silence and never have any right to stand up for themselves. Filth like you hate that Black people won’t devalue their lives the way you do so, you hide behind a computer and make cowardly statements believing that your inferior racist agenda will succeed. Your a meaningless dumbass who doesn’t have the balls to spew your thoughtless opinions directly to a black persons face.

      1. What he hell are you talking about? I’m a racist because I’m calling the “Black Lives Matter” disruptors black??? They certainly aren’t Jews or Chinese!

        Who are the racists here? The ones running around promoting “Only Black Lives Matter” or the ones trying to help promote privacy for ALL?

        Fucking dumbass.

  6. Back to the point – the pro privacy/encryption supporters are not a mass movement and do not have public mindshare in the States or anywhere else really. You are not going to get a good turnout at a “demo” unless you get that. If the FBI prevail, everyone will be terrified of terrorists and of their own governments. That’s a victory for the terrorists. What’s needed is a good media campaign that takes the arguments to the people. Apple have big coffers for that.

  7. Attn, black racists. Your done. Your a joke. Nobody takes you seriously anymore. Get over it and get a life. And for anybody that thinks they are not racist, would you say that if there was a movement called “White lifes matter”? Racism is a two way street.

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