Bill Gates backs U.S. government’s iPhone hack request

“Bill Gates has broken ranks with Silicon Valley in the stand-off between Apple and the US government, saying technology companies should be forced to co-operate with law enforcement in terrorism investigations,” Stephen Foley and Tim Bradshaw report for The Financial Times.

“The Microsoft founder took issue with Tim Cook’s characterisation of the government’s order that Apple help break open the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone as a demand for a ‘back door,’ denying that it would set a wider precedent,” Foley and Bradshaw report. “‘This is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information. They are not asking for some general thing, they are asking for a particular case,’ Mr Gates told the Financial Times.”

Bill Gates
Bill Gates
“Mr Gates’s stance sets him apart from the rest of the technology industry, including the company he founded. Satya Nadella, Microsoft chief, has not publicly commented on the matter, but a spokesperson for the Seattle-based company pointed to a statement by the Reform Government Surveillance organisation, of which it is a member, opposing the order,” Foley and Bradshaw report. “Silicon Valley executives including Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook chief; Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder; and Sundar Pichai, head of Google, have all sided with Mr Cook. National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden called the showdown ‘the most important tech case in a decade.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: The lying old thief, who built his whole life upon a stolen foundation and, for doing so, got tagged a “genius” by idiots, doesn’t fully understand the issue. Big surprise.

See: U.S. government seeks to force Apple to extract data from a dozen more iPhones – February 23, 2016

Keep trying to build your stairway to heaven that’ll never come close to reaching, you increasingly addled thief.

The damage Bill Gates did to world productivity by greedily inflicting The Dark Age of Personal Computing upon the planet is incalculable and criminal.MacDailyNews, July 5, 2010

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  1. Not surprised. Microsoft doesn’t have much of a bone in this fight since their mobile device market is tepid at best and this would be a good way to passively aggressively put a black eye on a competitor.

  2. Not too surprising actually. The reason Windows as an OS is so prone to viruses is primarily because Microsoft’s stance was that a partnering corporation should be able to install/retrieve information from your computer without you having to approve it.

  3. Gates – a progressive/elite – wants the government (made up of the ruling class) to have even more power.

    Don’t be foolish to think that this is about a terrorist phone. This, my friends, is about the power grab. They want more of it. When they get more of it you lose just a little more of your freedom to them.

    When they get serious about protecting our citizens by addressing the current Islamoterrorist crisis appropriately (or even able to under the word Islamoterrorist) and protect our borders, then I might think they truly have our interests in mind.

    Don’t forget, how did this Terrorist get into our country to perform her deadly feat to begin with?? Currently the elites running our government have no concerns about our safety and are only interested in teaching America a lesson in how evil America is. Frankly, I’m sick of their Marxist crap.
    I’m sick of their know it all attitude. I’m sick of their elitists approach. Our America was based on a government run by the citizens for the sake of the citizens. This is not happening currently. This has to change.

    Vote for a constitutional conservative to begin the long road back to our country being based on the Constitution and on the power being with people not with the government elites and the ruling class.

    1. Gates is a progressive/elite. Guess what, so was Steve Jobs, and Tim Cook is now.

      Elitism is not a left/right thing. Your conservative/elites are every bit as power-hungry, just in different ways.

      1. There is a dearth of political commentary from jobs. He was a liberal in voting, I suspect, (if he bothered), but definitely not in actions, expressed opinions, rhetoric, and the way he ran his company. He was an individualist, an egoist, and conveyed dislike of unions, collectives, and other groups. He was skeptical of government power, unabashedly anti-authoritarian, and not prone to compromise. In other words he was the opposite of modern liberalism for the most part. Like most in Silicon Valley he skewed libertarian, or what might be defined as classical liberal. My guess is that he didn’t spend a great deal of time considering his “political identity.” His image as a liberal comes from growing up in the 60s, and being immersed in the whole hippie world as a kid. As an adult though, his propensity for rational self interest and dedication to excellence was more akin to Objectivism than modern liberalism aka progressivism.

        To Jobs progress came from new and better products, not telling other people how to live their lives, or using the government to inflict his opinions on others. He would, I suspect, tell the government to go fuck themselves concerning any iPhone backdoors. Though I doubt he would whine to the public like Tim Cook. In fact I doubt he would entertain any of Tim Cook’s public social justice campaigns. On issues of diversity, my guess is that if he reacted at all he would simply say that Apple will always hire the best candidate notwithstanding race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else. And that would be it.

        Of the social ills he spoke of, he clearly cared about education. Public education was failing and in his opinion it was in no small part due to teacher’s unions. His anti-union efforts were taken up by his widow.

      2. Consequently Jobs was anything but a member of the liberal political elite. Was he an elitist? I believe yes, when it can me to building the best products possible for the non-elite, aka “the rest of us.”

        Gates on the other hand seems to be suffering a bout of megalomania as of late. I.e. Progressive elitism personified. He’s got that leftie disorder that makes it impossible to actually believe anyone disagrees with him.

  4. You left off in your comment: He got rich selling an OS highly lacking in security. He could care less. On top of his shallow thinking – or is this yet another sneaky game of manipulation to gain some sort of business benefit – he does still own as does his foundation tons of MS stock.

  5. Not surprised. It’s easier than ever to switch from Microsoft products these days- Microsoft knows it. So they have to cling to any remaining strongholds they have to remain relevant- witness the DoD purchase of Windows 10. The government is one such stronghold. And even though Gates doesn’t get a paycheck from MS anymore, he’s still their biggest representative. For Gates to come out against the FBI and DOJ in this matter would be a potential death knell for their government business. And of course for support of his corrupt foundation.

    The bigger question is, why would any arm of our ‘trusted’ government trust MS products anymore?

  6. it occurs to me that all those weaknesses in microsoft’s operating system were put there intentionally by microsoft so the government could take advantage of them. i never could understand how they could be so incompetent. they weren’t; they were doing it on purpose!

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