Public supports Apple in FBI fight, but U.S. feds dig in hoping to establish legal precedent

“Apple Inc. appears to have the overwhelming backing of the public in fighting an judge’s order to break the security code on an iPhone, but the situation is still turning into an epic battle with the U.S. government, which may be using this instance as a way to gain more power for the future,” Therese Poletti writes for MarketWatch.

“A MarketWatch poll on Friday found readers overwhelmingly in favor of Chief Executive Tim Cook’s defiant move, with 63% of the first 6,000 respondents siding with Apple by Friday afternoon. The press appears to favor Apple even more, with Fortune reporting that newspaper editorials agreed with Apple by a ratio of 8 to 1,” Poletti writes. “Not surprisingly, Silicon Valley’s pro-privacy stance has many CEOs of major tech companies backing Cook… But even outside Silicon Valley, there is a huge amount of support for Apple to continue to fight the Justice Department.”

“The government was embarrassed by the 2013 revelations of illegal eavesdropping of domestic communications and communications records of millions of ordinary Americans. But that does not mean it will stop in its quest to use all of its powers to fight terrorists, even at the cost of personal privacy,” Poletti writes. “The Apple battle is one way the government hopes to gain more powers, with a more solid precedent for future fights with tech companies and suspects. Judging by early returns, the American people aren’t in agreement.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That 37% of respondents in the MarketWatch poll don’t get it is appalling.

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    1. Went away when George Bush was president and the Republicans called everybody un-American that didn’t go along with the bill to invade each American’s privacy. Wait till Donald Trump becomes president or another nutty conservative gets on the Supreme Court.

      1. Unfortunately, those wrong-headed policies became embedded in the operations of the government and various intelligence and defense agencies. They have continued relatively unchanged through two terms under a Democratic President. Bush may have started them, but no one is stopping them…so far.

  1. Does Cook stand up for privacy all over world? China? Russia? Saudi Arabia? Hm? If not he needs to and if sells fall ouff, well, they fall off.

    If he truly believes in this value, then it is worth exporting all over the world. Money is not everything, is it?
    But if he argues it the law in those countries, it’s the law here to comply with a court order or get your toothbrush ready, cause you are going to spin a few nights away from home. And rightly so! He can’t have it every sort of way.

    1. Apple is an American company. Tim Cook is an American citizen. He has every right to stand up for what he believes in for America.

      China? Russia? Saudi Arabia? If the citizens of those countries do not revolt who are we (Americans) to butt in? When our forefathers saw injustice, they took a stand and declared independence. Unless the people of those countries do the same, we should just mind our own damned business.

  2. This is such a deception. The CIA the French and the German will all want to use the back door because there will be one. Where will it stop. To accept the Court order and try to modify a back Doror will be the worst thing that could ever happen. If the release goes wrong Apple will have lawsuit over lawsuit for any information leakage. Will the FBI or the federal government underwrite the cost of any lawsuits that could occur? As another writer said a Pandoras box will be open

  3. The 37% are by far mostly right-wing pro-authoritarian government types. They think the government should be able to do anything and everything except tax you to pay for it.

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