Facebook CEO Zuckerberg backs Apple versus U.S. government in iPhone security dispute

“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Monday that he supports Apple’s position in its fight with the U.S. government over weakening the security of the iPhone,” Aaron Pressman reports for Yahoo Finance.

“Speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, Zuckerberg was asked directly where he stood on the controversy. ‘We’re sympathetic with Apple on this,’ Zuckerberg answered. ‘We believe in encryption,'” Pressman reports. “Zuckerberg said he opposed adding backdoors into encryption, which he said would be both ineffective and a bad idea for society.”

Pressman reports, “The CEO’s remarks were consistent with a statement Facebook released last week in support of Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The more backers, the better.

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  1. Thank You Mark. For ONCE….

    Your gut is telling you to DO The Right Thing.

    STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS PEOPLE. Your RIGHTS to YOUR Privacy. This is NOT just about (1) ONE PHONE!!!

    Wake THE FCK UP!

    This U.S. government of Dropouts was elected by F- students of the cesspool school of entitlements.

    Read between the lines FBI .!..

    Stupid is as STUPID does. Right Hitleray? iDid have a VPN… iDon’t have a VPN??? What a fcki’n JOKE! What emails???

  2. Zuckerberg is no champion of privacy, this is purely a PR move and honestly I don’t think Cook and Apple are ideologically committed to it either, it just so happens that privacy is a strong market differentiator for the company. I do see the governments actions as a ploy to set a precedent and get inside information on how to hack iPhones more effectively. If it really was just about the information they could have handed the phone over to Apple months ago and asked for the data.

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