Apple Pay will help China’s mammoth state banks crush Alibaba offline

“Apple Pay goes live in China today,” Zheping Huang writes for Quartz. “Apple launched its mobile wallet over a year ago, but it is still not doing well in Apple’s native US. But its expansion to China, the fifth country to get Apple Pay, could be different. Chinese consumers are used to mobile payments, thanks to Alibaba’s Alipay and Tencent’s Tenpay—the overwhelmingly dominant players of the country’s $90 billion mobile payments industry.”

MacDailyNews Take: Appel Pay is doing just fine in the U.S. It takes time to overcome 40 years of learned behavior, get the infrastructure in place, and train retail employees to even know it exists, much less what is happening when someone uses Apple Pay.

“But Apple is going to have a huge advantage,” Huang writes. “A major partner is UnionPay, an offspring of China’s central government, which holds a monopoly on bank card payments for domestic lenders. 19 Chinese banks—including China’s biggest bank, ICBC—announced in December they plan to support Apple Pay.”

“Alibaba and Tencent’s rival services have strong connections between their wallet apps with their other popular mobile apps, like shopping and messenger services. But offline, the scene is completely different,” Huang writes. “To pay in a shop via Alipay, a smartphone user needs to open a payment app, and scan a square barcode with their phone’s camera [QR codes]… Apple Pay, meanwhile, is much more convenient. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Double-clicking Apple Watch’s Side button to pay couldn’t be easier – when a retailer is ready for such magic to happen. In the U.S., it’s slowly coming along now. Support merchants who support Apple Pay.

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  1. As I often point out, Apple Pay is accepted in more retailers than you think, because it’s often invisible. Since all a retailer needs to do to accept Apple Pay is to have a credit card terminal with NFC, many retailers accept Apple Pay without even knowing it.

    Case in point (in my neighborhood): Circle K and Bob Evans restaurants. The credit card terminals at both institutions will accept Apple Pay, but there is nothing on the terminal to indicate this. You just have to hold up your phone when it says to swipe your card and it will work. I have gotten many bewildered looks when I pay with my phone.


  2. I use an App called PayFinders, it’s got everyone contributing anything from soda machines to my doctors office, which they said it wouldn’t accept Apple Pay, and just like magic they all came over to see what I did. lol worked perfect. It’s easy to add locations you run across and add them to the list.

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