CEO Marissa Mayer drops the ax, shutters about half of Yahoo’s content verticals

“Yahoo is shutting down about half of its content verticals,” Peter Sterne reports for Politico. “A source familiar with the matter said that Yahoo was shuttering its tech vertical and moving some of its staff — including former New York Times columnist David Pogue — to Yahoo’s news vertical. Other verticals being shut down include food, autos, health and music. Eater first reported that the food vertical was being shut down. Skift also reports that Yahoo’s travel vertical is being shuttered.”

“As part of the changes, Yahoo Tech editor in chief Dan Tynan is leaving the company, he announced today in a farewell memo to staff Wednesday,” Sterne reports. “‘Well, that was not entirely unexpected. Eight Hundred and Four days after taking the purple, my career as a Yahoo is over,’ Tynan wrote in the memo.”

Sterne reports, ‘Tynan joined Yahoo Tech as a columnist in December 2013; he was promoted to editor in chief in July 2015.”

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo: Art Streiber)
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo: Art Streiber)
MacDailyNews Take: Mayer took on an impossible job and deserves credit for staying with the thing when it would have been easy to simply walk away from the mess she inherited.

Marissa Mayer would be a wonderful CEO with the right company.

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    1. True, Pogue gambled on the Yahoo gig. The Grey Lady was a dead end job and he chafed at the strictures of its stodgy editorial board. Yahoo seemed like a breath of fresh air in comparison. Not to worry about the lad, however. He’ll find work alright.

      1. Oh, indeed! Highly compatible brain structures have we.

        I honestly don’t know how David Pogue works as hard as he does. He could drop the news beat entirely and do just fine. In any case, he’s a master of his field and a lot of fun.

    1. You’re on the Internet, right?

      Look it up.

      Oh, alright, here: The term “vertical” is commonly used to refer to media that cover particular “verticals” or industries: health, law, technology, etc.

          1. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to do web searches to understand every article I read.

            That being said, he could have done the search before asking here.


            1. I do my best to avoid elitist approaches to anything. My knowing more than another person speaks nothing to the quality of another person. But when someone REFUSES to use free tools available at their fingertips to inform and educate themselves, THAT shouts out the quality of that person. They are either juvenile of the willfully ignorant scum who ruin my country with their willful acts of ignorance. I don’t want to know them. They’ve turned their back on the point of being alive. It is THEY I’d like to see deported.

              Hmm. What were those islands we irradiated with nuke tests in the Pacific? They’ll do nicely. 😉

    2. My first question was, “What’s a vertical?” I’ve been a Web developer since 2000 and I’ve never heard that term. I’ve heard horizontal and vertical in relation to information architecture and content distribution, but not vertical as a synonym for content area.

      Maybe I’m sheltered. Or maybe I’ve just been lucky enough to avoid corporate BS speak. “Yahoo should deploy best-of-breed convergence so they will innovate web-enabled experiences.”

  1. After she sinks Yahoo and subsequently is replaced by the board via outraged investors, she’ll probably never old a board or executive level position again. I’ve covered some of her lavish gifts she’s taken liberty to use company profits for and absolutely squandered it to no end.

    This lady has to go!

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