Here’s what happens when you boil an iPhone 6s in melted crayons

“You know how it is,” Trevor Mogg reports for Digital Trends. “You’re in your kitchen, boiling up your blue crayons, stirring spoon in one hand, iPhone in the other. As you scroll through your Twitter timeline, your phone slips from your hand, landing straight in the mass of melting blue goo. Will the handset survive?

Mogg reports, “YouTube user TechRax used this unlikely scenario as the basis for possibly the most bizarre iPhone stress test we’ve seen yet.”

“Highlighting his dedication to the cause but failing to explain why blue has to be the color, TechRax informs us at the start of the video, ‘I had to get like 30 boxes because usually there’s only one color in every box,’ Mogg reports. “The unlucky handset at the center of this peculiar experiment is a ‘beautiful, clean iPhone 6S… 10-out-of-10 condition.’ Though it won’t be for much longer.”

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  1. Why does this have to be about some iPhone when it could be done with any smartphone or device for that matter? What exactly does it prove. No consumer devices are designed to deliberately going into some boiling fluid and mostly consumers are told not to abuse their electronic devices. Doing these experiments are OK if some owner wants to do it it for themselves but there shouldn’t be any need for them to post it on the internet. There’s no need to encourage others to try such ridiculous experiments especially if it’s against the manufacturer’s policies.

    1. Just a heads up to his room mates – you might want to make the kitchen a no-go zone for this guy – otherwise, I would recommend not going to bed when he is up and busy making videos.

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