One surprise Apple may have in store for the iPhone 7s

“Although Apple has yet to release its upcoming iPhone 7, I believe that recent commentary from one Apple supplier may shed some light on what the iDevice maker may have in store for its 2017 iPhone, the iPhone 7s,” Ashram Eassa writes for The Motley Fool.

“One thing that I have been critical of Apple on is the fact that the company has traditionally kept its displays more or less the same for two generations of iPhones. For example, with the iPhone 6/6 Plus, Apple equipped its flagships with industry-leading LCDs that were very widely praised,” Eassa writes. “However, when the iPhone 6s/6s Plus came along, Apple recycled the same panels that it had used previously, effectively bringing no improvement to the quality of the display.”

Ease writes, “After going through comments made during a technology presentation from Apple display supplier Japan Display, I believe that Apple may actually bring an enhanced LCD in the iPhone 7s from the one it introduces with the iPhone 7.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Moving to 2nd. gen LTPS would bee a boon for battery life. Thinner iPhones mean less area for battery, but a 30% savings on backplane power consumption would be huge!


  1. Apple won’t ease up the pressure on Samsung for high end smartphones.

    Ultimately, I expect Apple to be the premier source for mid-range smartphones that go into India and Africa for business people who need reliability. The market is too huge to ignore.

    Those 3rd world markets may not insist on the thinnest, longest life batteries with the highest resolutions and exacting color fidelity for average businesses. In other words, they will just work.

    Remember, it was not but a few years back we were using 3GS and iPhone 4s and considered them to be just great.

    1. Think its to do with yeilds, LG and Japan Display are building OLED factories for Apple specifically to increase capacity and yeilds. The Foxcon purchase of Sharp has to do with this too. Applewould need 200 million screen per year

  2. Do we know what the iPhone 7 screen spec and technology will be …. To start conversation on iphone 7s ?

    But the tecnology sounds good anyway.

    One thing that i did not like about article was the author’s reference to screen resolotion and saying “apple is behind some of its android competetors” .
    Though i understand where he is coming from… Resolution at some point becones a moot point if my eyes cant detect it… ..
    My car has a 2 liter engine… Its not by any means behind any 3 litter car… Actually it will out perform most 3litter+ cars.
    Extra resolition for no practical purpose is just paper marketing ploy ..and extra drain on resourses .

    1. Thank you! This has always been Apple’s stance. They protect the total value of the product. People railed on Apple years ago because Android crapphones had super resolution screens. But no one was talking about the fact that their phones got about 5 hours of battery life with the super screen while iPhones were still running 10-12 hours or more. Then a year later they figured out how to increase resolution without sacrificing battery life and all people could talk about was Apple being behind. Playing the specs game is what Windows did to win hearts and minds and we finally live in a world where at least a good portion of people now see through that crap. Now we’re repeating the same thing in mobile. Android products are inferior so they wow everyone with insane specifications that most people don’t even know or understand in order to detract from the complete mess that the Android ecosystem really is. People often mock the “Apple faithful” for blindly following, but the real blind followers are those that reject a proven company with proven products and choose to buy inferior, insecure, and just plain junk products from desperate manufacturers who dazzle the week-minded herd with meaningless specifications and flat out lies. Let the android crowd chase specifications if they want. I will continue to enjoy the fine products built by Apple where I know they only implement features and specifications that keep my device working properly all day.

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