Review: OWC’s 2TB Mercury Electra MAX SSD

“OWC just started shipping a 2TB version of the Mercury Electra 6Gbps SSD they call ‘The MAX,'” rob-ART morgan reports for Bare Feats.To squeeze out the maximum transfer speed, we tested it the PCIe slot of our 2010 Mac Pro.”

“The Mercury Electra MAX 6G SSD joins the ‘two terabyte SSD club’ with plenty of speed, competitive pricing, and OS independent wear, space, and error management,” morgan reports. “The Electra MAX does NOT require external TRIM support from OS X. It does global wear leveling, free space management, error correction, and advanced encryption independently of Mac OS X. You do NOT need to use (and should not use) the ‘trimforce enable’ command to trigger TRIM support for the Electra MAX. It is engineered to supersede the need for OS X directed TRIM.”

“The Electra MAX is designed to be used internally,” morgan reports. “It does not work in external enclosures at this time.”

Check out the benchmarks in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: OWC’s Mercury Electra 6Gbps SSD is compatible with nearly any Mac or PC model with a Serial ATA connection (SATA, SATA 2.0, or SATA 3.0).


    1. you’re right in one sense though, the link above points to an amazon page with the 1TB model for $348. The 2TB model is available for ~$700 on OWC’s site. little confusing

  1. The article claims it can’t be used in external enclosures. Does anybody know why or even how that could be true?

    So now we have SSDs that can’t go in Retina MacBooks and can’t work externally with them.

    1. External SSDs run PERFECTLY on an iMac. Should be just as fast as an internal SSD drive.

      Remember: an external SSD drive is going to be far faster than an internal spinning hard drive. If you haven’t experienced the difference, you’ll be amazed.

  2. Notice they tested it in a real Mac Pro- not the Bullshit HTPC DBA the New Mac Pro.

    When is Apple going to give us something better than a Mac mini that is not a sealed up iMac or foo-foo design exercise from Jony. If Apple is tired of building Mac hardware, maybe they should contract it out to someone who could use the work like Sony, Dell or HP.

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