Apple begins offering trade-in credit for damaged iPhones

“Apple Inc. has begun offering trade-in credit for damaged iPhones, a strategy that could encourage people to buy a newer model rather than try to fix or bear with their current device,” Paresh Dave reports for The Los Angeles Times.

“Previously, Apple required iPhone displays, buttons and cameras to be intact for consumers to get up to $350 toward the purchase of a new iPhone,” Dave reports. “The maximum credit cuts the price of the latest iPhone, the 6S, by more than half.”

“Cracked screens and other issues will cut into the trade-in value, limiting it to between $50 for the iPhone 5S and $200 for the iPhone 6 Plus, an Apple spokesman said Friday” Dave reports. “But the new policy still makes upgrades more attractive than before.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Gazelle will give you only $20 if a 5s does not power on.

      I wonder if Apple’s credit for the same device will be similar. And the reason is, of course, because I have one. No damage, looks like new (it was 9 months old,) but one day simply stopped accepting a charge.

  1. A Samsung Galaxy Turdtastic (GT) is a phone you can throw in the toilet once it stops working so trade-ins aren’t necessary. You just need to remember to throw them as soon as they start smokin’.

  2. Refurbished and tyrned around for the indian and emerging amrkets.
    Saves Apple manufacturing costs, which alows Apple to sell at reduced rates to these markets for expansion and imagine…Growth.

  3. The phones must still work properly, I.e. It must turn on. You can’t trade in a dead phone- cracked glass or bad button is ok, but other than that it’s junk.
    The idea is to make it more convenient for customers to turn in the phone quickly without having to wait for the phone to be repaired.

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