“When it comes to big fat weddings, it doesn’t get bigger or fatter than an Indian shaadi,” Amrita Kohli reports for NDTV. “It’s usually larger than life and executed on such a grand scale, that its sheer magnitude is enough to overwhelm anyone. There are myriad colours, huge gatherings, and so many different ceremonies. Now imagine capturing a wedding such as this on the lens of an iPhone.”

“Award-winning Israeli photographer Sephi Bergerson recently did just this,” Kohli reports. “He shot an entire Indian wedding in Udaipur only on his iPhone 6S Plus, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.”

Kohli reports, “He not only shot pictures with his iPhone but also did the post production work on the images on the phone itself.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wow! And, iPhone, already fantastic, is only going to get even better.

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