He shot an Indian wedding on his iPhone. The results? Spectacular

“When it comes to big fat weddings, it doesn’t get bigger or fatter than an Indian shaadi,” Amrita Kohli reports for NDTV. “It’s usually larger than life and executed on such a grand scale, that its sheer magnitude is enough to overwhelm anyone. There are myriad colours, huge gatherings, and so many different ceremonies. Now imagine capturing a wedding such as this on the lens of an iPhone.”

“Award-winning Israeli photographer Sephi Bergerson recently did just this,” Kohli reports. “He shot an entire Indian wedding in Udaipur only on his iPhone 6S Plus, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.”

Kohli reports, “He not only shot pictures with his iPhone but also did the post production work on the images on the phone itself.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wow! And, iPhone, already fantastic, is only going to get even better.

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  1. The iPhone has a GREAT camera! I use it for family photos more often than I care to admit. In the hands of a person it can take really good photos, and In the hands of a professional, it can take consistently great photos.
    But . . .
    It this case, overusing cheep Instagram filters doesn’t make the photos look like a “painting” as he puts it, it just makes it look like it was shot with a Kodak Instamatic.

  2. Yeah I remember you saying the same exact thing about us here in China. Now we take over as highest revenue area for Apple.

    Confucius, he say you full of shit.

  3. Are you kidding me? Heck, if I’m in bright sunlight I can’t see squat on the screen of my 6Plus. I’m sure they paid big bucks for this, and if they’re that stupid they deserve the results. A lot of pros are switching to the new mirrorless cameras, which are useable in darn near any lighting situation. This guy is just cheaping out.

    1. Cheaping out? Hardly, since he also said the iPhone didn’t replace any other camera…it is just a ‘different’ camera, which, if used creatively, produces professional results. Which is not saying it’s the best or better but just that he can get usable results.
      I know a couple of photographers using iPhones for their close-in shots because nobody reacts and shots are more natural.

      1. You retard, you as much about photography as you do about time keeping. Mirrorless cameras like the pros use have a display on the back and also have an EVF (electronic view finder) that allows them to shoot in sunlight or damn near total darkness. But keep rubbing those two brain cells of yours together and you may eventually get a clue.

        1. I don’t think you know what mirrorless cameras are. Let me explain. They do away with the mirror that allows the eye to see the proper image through the viewfinder and allow the sensor to be placed much closer to the lens. This allows better pictures in low light. And because the sensor is much closer to the lens, the lens do not need work so hard in correcting for aberrations. Merely because there are way less aberrations to correct for.

          “Viewing the image” while taking the picture is still on an lcd screen. If you view the image on the back screen it will be fine in low light dark places….as with any iPhone. In bright sunlight it will be just as hard to see as on the lcd screen of the phone.

          Now go back to your Trump rally.

          1. I know exactly what they are, since I actually own one. If you are capable, look up the Sony Alpha a7 variants which are becoming very popular with the pros. Yes, they have a screen on the back, similar to an iPhone. But, they also have a separate EVF, which functions like a DSLR, but instead of being an image reflected by a mirror, it is a very sensitive and high resolution smaller screen, which isn’t affected by ambient light since it is held up to the eye.

            If you want to have people believe that you actually know what you are talking about, do a little research first Paul.

    1. So if they had used a white people wedding that would have meant it was NOT racist?

      Just think for a moment.

      Used to be a time when we used to comment on this board a little more cautiously. It was mostly intelligent tech savvy people. Now it’s full of stupid folk like you. Every time I comment now it is like shooting ducks in a pond.

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