“When I last reviewed Numbers for OS X, it was the first release of the ‘new’ Numbers [3.0], and it came with a slew of changes—both good and bad—to the interface and feature set,” Rob Griffiths writes for Macworld.

“Now, two years on, Numbers has gained 0.6.1 version numbers, as well as some new features and changes to its interface,” Griffiths writes. “It’s also a much stronger collaboration tool now, and you can work on spreadsheets on OS X, iOS, and the web.”

“AppleScript support and the customizable toolbar improve the app’s usability, and performance with large data sets has gotten much better. The interface is generally pleasant, and many of the provided templates are genuinely useful and well designed,” Griffiths writes. “Of course, if you work across iOS, OS X, and the web, Numbers’ sharing features can’t be beat.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Numbers is now the only spreadsheet application we use. It’s rock-solid reliable and more intuitive and less bloated than Excel. Sharing between Macs, iPhones, and iPads is a breeze.