Microsoft’s Windows Phone chief tweets from his Apple iPhone

“Funny things happen when you’re no longer championing the least popular phone platform out there: you stop using it,” Owen Williams reports for TNW.

“Joe Belfiore is technically the Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, but he took a year off starting in October 2015 for a worldwide trip,” Williams reports. “Belfiore, who is currently in Kyoto, has been tweeting pictures of his trip and posted a single tweet that gave away his phone of choice — Apple’s iPhone.”

Williams reports, “There’s a plethora of replies from people pointing out that he’s using an iPhone, and giving him grief for not making the Windows platform better.”

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Tweet from Joe Belfiore's Apple iPhone via Echofon
Tweet from Joe Belfiore’s Apple iPhone via Echofon

“Honestly, the truth is that it would be weird if Belfiore wasn’t using an iPhone,” Vlad Savov writes for The Verge. “Firstly, the man’s taking a year-long hiatus from his day job, and there’s no way he could ever feel like he was off duty if he was running around using devices and software that he could help change and refine.”

Savov writes, “Most importantly, though, to compete with the iPhone, Microsoft’s mobile chief needs to know how the damn thing works and what makes it so attractive to so many.”

[In comments below The Verge‘s article, Belfiore himself replies, in part: [On a 9-month leave-of-absence, I have a HUGE AND UNUSUAL opportunity to get to know these products deeply. To understand the benefits and drawbacks of a full ecosystem like Windows, Android, iOS — you have to LIVE IN IT. You have to feel its strengths and weaknesses, be let down, be delighted. And you can’t do that just “playing around” with a device for a couple of days. You have to learn the UI, upload your photos, use cross-device apps and tools… all of it.]

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MacDailyNews Take: No excuse need be made by anyone for choosing to use the world’s most advanced operating system in the world’s most advanced smartphone.

P.S. Having a fun week so far, Microsoft P.R. Department?

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  1. “To understand the benefits and drawbacks of a full ecosystem like Windows, Android, iOS — you have to LIVE IN IT. You have to feel its strengths and weaknesses, be let down, be delighted. And you can’t do that just “playing around” with a device for a couple of days.”
    BTW – Nice photo

    If anyone has has a chance to turn around the Windows Phone experience it’s this guy. Microsoft should do everything in its power to hold on to him . . . and give him the power to make decisions!

        1. When Apple was the underdog in the computing world, I guess all their top executives had Windows on their desktop so they could “live in” the Windows ecosystem and learn from it….


          1. No, I mean the underdog in having a quality product. Apple was always in the lead in that category. And Microsoft was trying to “live in” the Mac world. Where do you thing they got Windows from?

            1. So when Apple had a quality product in its Mac, Windows executives were putting Apple on their desktop to “live in” the Apple ecosystem so they could improve Windows?

              Give it up, Steve. This argument makes no sense and Belfiore should be ashamed of making it.

  2. That Microsoft guy is right. You do have to live with a device to understand it, whether it’s your device of choice, the iPhone for me, or your device of understanding the competition, Android for me. I work in mobile. I have to know both. And only by knowing both can I appreciate the iPhone as much as I do. That Microsoft guy has to know all of them cause it’s his job to make his devices better.

  3. The only thing funnier than that he was caught are all the excuses for him using an iPhone.

    It’s one thing to try a competitor’s product so you can copy everything about it that’s better, but you can easily do that in a lab, spending time analyzing the device.

    1. All this could just blow over if later he is found to be using an Android device for his tweets.. Any person who has learned how to properly debate topics know you have to be conversant with the opposing arguments to strengthen your own.

  4. I guess nobody remembers Microsoft was outed doing the same thing with an iPod just prior to releasing the Zune with a square click wheel square while copying the entire hierarchical flow of the iPod OS. So very original … and brown!

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