CIRP: Apple’s iPad Pro had a strong launch

“In a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the research firm claims that Apple’s giant-sized tablet performed impressively over the all-important December quarter, despite its high price point,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac.

“CIRP says that the iPad Pro had a strong launch by capturing a “meaningful share” of Apple’s tablet market, with 12 percent of all iPads sold being the iPad Pro,” Dormehl reports. “The December quarter also indicated another change for iPad sales, with iPad mini models taking over from the iPad Air for the first time as Apple’s top-selling category of iPad.”

“CIRP’s figures suggest that all combined models of iPad mini made up 47 percent of iPad sales in the quarter, compared to 40 percent for iPad Air models,” Dormehl reports. “In the December 2014 quarter, iPad mini models made up just 32 percent of sales.”

Apple iPad models sales mix in the U.S., Q414 vs. Q415
CIRP: Apple iPad models sales mix in the U.S., Q414 vs. Q415

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MacDailyNews Take: iPad Pro’s price point is not “high” for what the device offers, hence its impressive sales.

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    1. Has anyone considered a “Pro” version in each of the iPad screen sizes yet? When Tim gets his Apple Pencils shipping as fast as the Pro are selling, we may see this NEW option in each screen size.

      That will generate the growth in iPads that none of the talking heads have considered. Note: Apple is offering a new hopped up iPhone in the old smaller size. Different customers have different needs. Remember the sales jump when Apple offered bigger screens in the iPhone 6 release. Tim, “Think Different” please!

  1. Honestly, and I don’t like saying this…until Apple updates its own applications (keynote, pages) to allow Apple Pencil integration, it doesn’t offer much beyond art/design via 3rd party apps (which is fantastic in that arena). Even in notes..pencil integration is fantastic..but..if you import a picture..that image is off limits to the pencil. I can’t even, for example, sit in a meeting, import a graph (as an image) and take notes anywhere near the imported image. It puts the image on the top of the page and you can’t do anything around or on the image…just under it. Frustrating.

      1. And I’m sure there are… Just like there tons of apps for Windows..but I prefer macs because many of the things I need are built in and well executed. I’m not seeing that with the iPad pro at all. Keynote should have pencil support. All Apple “pro” apps available for the iPad pro should have pencil support. Only 1 does..and it’s not even a pro app. It’s notes, for Christ sake. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the beauty of macs is all the built in stuff windows users don’t have without wasting time digging through forums and shady developer sites for freeware just to have what we have.

  2. It is a monster and it takes some time to get used to the sheer size.

    And yet, it is as light as the original iPad (with the screen size of an average laptop), and the CPU muscle that can effortlessly chew through 32 tracks of digital audio (in GarageBand).

    I used to need Logic (originally, Logic Studio, a $1,000 Mac-only suite) to do various types of commercial music production (music for TV and film). However, in recent years, and especially for short-form projects (30-second commercial, or corporate video sound bed), I’ve been using GarageBand. It is so quick and intuitive, I find myself getting everything done without the need of all the additional features (and complexity) of Logic. And over the past few months, I had discovered that I’m increasingly doing more and more of my small projects on the iPad. It fits on my keyboard music stand, connects to my keyboard via camera connection kit and provides MIDI and Audio connectivity with zero configuration effort.

    Lately, I find myself using my iMac and MBP much less and less often. iPad Pro is an enormously powerful device, and there is already a lot of very powerful software for it. In Steve’s “trucks vs. cars” analogy, this device is already beyond an ordinary SUV and is approaching the hauling capability of a Suburban…

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