Trump: We’ll get Apple to manufacture ‘their damn computers and things’ in the U.S.A.

“When Donald J. Trump ascends to the presidency — as Donald J. Trump promises he will — the focus will be on making America great again,” Chris Matyszczyk reports for CNET. “‘We want to win, win, win,’ the leading Republican candidate explained in a speech on Monday at Liberty University in Virginia.”

“This will include long, sturdy walls, lots of expulsions and an enormous tariff on goods coming in from, say, China,” Matyszczyk reports. “But what might this mean for gadget companies? So many have their products made in that country. Apple, for example. Trump made a solemn promise: ‘We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries.'”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
“Currently, Apple only manufactures its Mac Pro in the US (specifically in Austin, Texas). It’s not entirely clear how Trump would strong-arm Tim Cook,” Matyszczyk reports. “Trump did say that he’d strong-arm Ford CEO Mark Fields by telling him he’d charge a 35 percent tax if he continued to manufacture in countries such as Mexico. Presumably, Apple would also be subject to such a draconian sanction.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Hey, it worked for Brazil. (Read that as wryly as you desire.)

We have such amazing people in this country. Sharp, smart, energetic; they’re amazing. I was saying “Make America great again,” I actually think we can say now – and I really believe this – we’re going to get things coming [imports], we’re going to get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country, instead of in other countries. And, I honestly think I can say – and I’ve said it for the last two weeks and I mean it 100% or I wouldn’t say it: We’re going to make America great again, greater than ever before. And we can do that and we’re going to win and win a lot. — Donald Trump, January 18, 2015

Trump’s remarks begin at 1:03:21:

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  1. Firstly, why is it necessary for America to “win” to be great again? That implies someone has to lose…
    But it’s great to see that Trump has already worked out that iPhones will be so much cheaper and more reliable when 99% of all the components are shipped over to the USA instead of across the road from the Taiwanese and Chinese factories, the armies of skilled American electronic assemblers get mobilized from the drudgery of their knowledge work and into Apple’s assembly lines at higher rates of pay than their Asian counterparts and of course those workers can’t wait to depart the long lines of unemployment that they are currently not in thanks to the 5.5% jobless rate.
    Hmmm hey Don, maybe you need to keep those pesky Mexican rapists around after all…dumbass!

      1. Well I can tell you what I’d LIKE to do. No doubt all you losers have noticed that my daughter is extremely beautiful. I mean, if she weren’t my daughter, as I’ve now said several times on tv, I mean, come on… you know what I mean.

    1. This 5.5% jobless rate you brag about is a lie. If X million give up looking for work, which is what has happened during the Oblahblah reign of incompetence, then you get “low” unemployment rates.

      People on disability are not counted among the unemployed.

      It’s the ugly not-so-secret of the American labor market. Part of the reason for unemployment rates being so low is that a lot of people who should be working are on a different program: the government dole.

      You Lib/Dem/Progs who still work and pay taxes are being taken for a ride. Wake up.

      BTW, Donald Trump is as much a Republican as he is a Clinton plant designed to help ensure the election of Hillary Clinton.

      The most conservative electable GOP candidate, and therefore the best for what currently ails the U.S.A., is Ted Cruz.

      The reason why Trump is popular is because people have voted for RINOs who lied to them about undoing the Obamacare mess and securing the borders and instead failed to do either. People who are lied to repeatedly get angry.

      Obama+Sycophantic RINOs=Trump 2016

      1. Here are historical presentations of 3 often used measures of unemployment. I think you are referring to U6. However you cut it, the employment picture is drastically better than 2009, the depth of the Bush Depression/Recession:
        Question, what US President stands alone in cutting taxes in the face of waging simultaneous wars that cost trillions of dollars?

        1. The latest data from the Social Security Administration (SSA) finds that more than 10 million Americans receive disability payments.

          Not all of those are “disabled,” i.e. unable to work. They are, instead, moochers, sucking off the public teat.

          33% of Americans out of workforce, highest rate since 1978. In other words: the Carter administration.

          Now, back to Carter II: The number of Americans aged 16 and older not participating in the labor force hit a record 94,610,000 people in September 2015 according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

          1. I don’t see 10MM here but I do see large increases during the early 00s and steadily lower growth since 09.
            As to whether they are moochers, I can’t say, I don’t know anyone on this type of disability.
            Regarding your second point regarding labor force participation, that demographic trend has been occurring since 2000. You can read about that here to understand the dynamics.

            Unfortunately, no sound bite format is available.

            1. > I don’t see 10MM here but I do see large increases …

              94% of the observed increase comes from three factors: Population growth, Aging of the Baby Boomers (into the high disability years) and More Working Women Insured based on their own contributions (increased entry of women in the workforce in greater numbers in the 1970s and 80s)


              For actual rates of fraud — which is what F2014-T2016 is alluding to … the actual incidence rate is estimated to be less than 1%.


            2. For labor force participation, the change in participation rate is also being driven by the aging of the Baby Boomers (the absolute youngest of which will turn age 55 next year, which means that 100% of them will no longer be in the “age 16-55” metric definition, along with the rise of women in the workforce (again!): the oft-claimed “Hasn’t been this low since the 1970s” aligns right up with the start of the rise of dual-income families starting in that decade.

              So once again, the claim is pedantically true but is misleading because of what it is purposefully ignoring.

              ….and FYI from an anecdotal standpoint, there seems to be a rise in the “Traditional” family (Dad breadwinner & Stay-At-Home Mom), probably in no small part than the realization that child care costs have become so high that Mom’s second income didn’t result in a good enough net income to be worth bothering with. I’ve been searching for actual statistics, but no luck so far (one older datapoint was that Traditionals was only ~7% of all families)

            3. Update: found a decent citation.

              “The share of mothers who do not work outside the home rose to 29% in 2012, up from a modern-era low of 23% in 1999, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of government data. This rise over the past dozen years represents the reversal of a long-term decline in “stay-at-home” mothers that had persisted for the last three decades of the 20th century.”


              FYI, in reading off the graph, nearly ~50% of mothers with were stay-at-homes back in ~1970 .. dropped to ~23% by 1999 (half!). Since then, stay-at-homes have risen up to 29% as of 2012 (last data point)…a movement rate of +0.5% per year on a demographics change metric – – but since this metric covers ages 18-69 (a 50 year spread) when one realigns it to focus on mothers of central childbearing age, the trend of this demographics shift becomes much more pronounced (& duration implications much more long-lasting).

          2. What are you trying to say?

            Cut off the moochers or fix the system?

            You complain a whole lot, calling the Dems out as the evil in the world, yet it was your patron saint, Regan who closed the mental wards and not only created a homeless problem, but burdened the ER with unnecessary unpaid medial bills.

            It’s cheeper to feed the moochers than to cut them loose.

            Seriously, if you have a solution, let’s hear it. Otherwise your whining isn’t helping.

            1. > What are you trying to say?

              What he’s saying is that he’s bad at math, statistics and population demographics … but he then incorrectly tries to blame it all on someone other than himself.

              FWIW, this is why I enjoy seeing downvotes show up when I post facts which have been substantiated with credible citation sources: it shows that those who made the biased claim has read it and didn’t like being told … in detail … how they were factually incorrect. Poor baby’s ego was bruised – – but unfortunately, they’re not learning from their mistakes.

    1. And he put his stupid name in GIGANTIC letters on the front of it. So obnoxious and totally out of character for the rest of the buildings downtown. When you live here you know what the buildings are by their shape so they don’t need Trump-style branding. Just glad I can only see the top half of the building from my desk and not that part.

  2. I know many generals. Top generals. I will be very good at military. So good you won’t believe it. I will tell other world leaders, “You do it this way or I will fuck you up.” I am very awesome.

    1. The politicians are clueless. Sun Tsu said the best battle was one you didn’t have to fight. But the right thinks peace treaties are for pansies while they gung ho make a mess with their warring.

      As for the generals. They may be good at tactics, but not strategy. Every Risk player knows there is no point fighting over countries whose borders are permeable in all directions.


      1. Only a libtard thinks that an unverifiable peace treaty with a country that has already reneged on the deal and is directly responsible for funding the death of Americans is a good idea. Also, libtards believe that surrendering is a solution to war.

        Evil has to be destroyed. You can’t pretend it isn’t there.

    2. The Donald is not right wing at all. You insult right wingers by associating him with them. (But maybe that was the intent.) He’s a demagogue and a populist. That description can fit anywhere on the political spectrum.

      1. The far-right have claimed him as their own. Trump himself has owned up to it by denouncing liberals, progressives and moderates, so it’s time his less-far-right supporters do the same.

        1. National Review, which I consider to be a far right magazine, is terrified of him. They see him representing the “end of days” for the Republican Party as they know it.

    1. Trump is the only candidate who says they are going to do something about our porous borders. He could fail or even be lying, but no one else seems interested in preserving our country.

      1. @Matt:

        The fact of the matter is that USA’s borders are more secure now than they have ever been in the ~240 year history of the country.

        Perhaps you could articulate better just what the ‘problem’ is, and then specify just how much money it is worth spending for what incremental gain — and that the cost to achieve “100%” is infinite.

    2. Yeah, because immigrants (like Steve Jobs’ parents) have done nothing but ruined our country. Frankly, immigrants are the only thing to keep America great — it’s the native born, low information losers who are bringing us down.

      1. Your comment is equally inappropriate. Scum exists in all circles of life. Every group of peoples are infected with members that would undo their progress. There are plenty of immigrant descendants that bore on our society just as there are plenty natural born who don’t.

      2. You fail to understand the problem. The problem isn’t “immigrants;” the problem is “illegal immigrants.” America takes in more legal immigrants than any country on earth. We don’t have to open our borders to allow every backward, dysfunctional, illiterate culture to pour into the civilized world.

        1. There are studies that confirm what anyone with a functioning brain could figure out on their own: illegal immigrants are disproportionately underrepresented among those who commit crime in America. The explanation is fairly simple and logical: vast majority of those who illegally migrate to America don’t do that in order to avail themselves of a large criminal market; most are simply fleeing dire economic situation at home and are hoping to be able to get any kind of work (picking strawberries, unloading sacks of concrete) for obscenely low wages (from an American point of view), as long as they can live in peace, without the fear of some drug lord’s army raiding his village and killing his wife and daughters.

          Illegal immigrants are doing jobs that no American would ever accept. They provide billions of dollars worth of labour for pennies on the dollar. They never ask for anything; they don’t dare, for fear of being deported. They accept most brutal working and living conditions, just so that they can be in America and away from the poverty, hopelessness and conflict of their home. Most of them would prefer not to have to be here, but life has forced them into that decision.

          American politicians seem to be profiting very handsomely on the issue of the illegal immigration. They may be miscalculating, though; the percentage of the Latino voters in America is the fastest growing segment of the population, and that group isn’t exactly thrilled about the Donald’s wall-building initiative. Nor with any other fellow Republican declarations about the way to deal with immigrants.

          1. Agreed, and another factor that is regularly ignored is that illegal immigrants are great for employers, because people with zero worker rights or Unions translates into the business being able to provide utterly minimal pay, zero benefits, skip safety stuff … etc: it all boils down to lower costs for labor, which is good for business profits.

            And what this also means … the “Americans won’t work for such low pay” is a half truth: the correct statement is actually “American workers are less tolerant of being exploited”.

            And finally, if we were able to wave a magic wand and make all of those illegals into legitimates overnight, one of the implications are that their employers would have to pay them Gov’t minimum wage rates – – and deep down, we all know that doing so would hit us all in our pocketbooks: our grocery bill, lawn service, how much a new roof costs, etc. Since our pay won’t be going up in order to compensate for this, we naturally are resentful of others doing better – – even thought its people who are economically much worse off than we are: it merely becomes yet another reminder of the size of the gap between middle America and the 1%.

    1. We’re still here. And we still don’t like you right-wing wackos. You deserve Trump. The fact is, he says the wacko crap the rest of you think but are too cowardly to say. Like George Dubya, Trump is not a thinker. He’s a doer. Just get out there and do. Don’t think. Thinking is for academic elites and smarty pantses. The kind of person who dreams, invents, creates, refines, sells, inspires, and delights. They are not for you. You want doers. You want a pompous leader who will send our sons and daughters out to die in bloody combat whose only purpose is to stroke your leader’s messianic, unthinking ego.

      You deserve Trump. The rest of us will Think Different.®

      1. I’m so glad Trump will continue to have all platform from which to speak. Because as long as he continues to speak he will further erode any faith the public has in his ability to lead a country. He has failed in so many endeavors. He runs for president to maintain relevance for his show. He’ll never win. The closer he gets to winning the more time he’ll have on air to turn everyone off. He’s a baboon. He’s a fool. And he is the opposite of where our country should be headed.

        His rhetoric will endanger us to the rest of the world in a way Bush Jr. couldn’t even.

        We need real republican representation and it looks like McCain was probably the last shot we had at that.

        And while I despise MDN’s tea party loving political agenda I wish they would just turn off all opinions when it comes to politics.

      2. Remind us again how many people died in Afghanistan for Obama. Oh yeah. 1,663. That is three times the number of deaths under George W. Bush.
        Not only did they die, but they died in a war that Obama had no interest in winning. Obama sent them to their deaths for nothing.
        George W. Bush won the Iraq war. Those military men gave their lives to liberate Iraq — until Obama surrendered Iraq to ISIS. Obama has destroyed all that they sacrificed for. Obama is a traitor.

  3. Such a dummy! Wow! Would you get Trumps as president and you’d see the sinking of America… Gee! Such a primary and low understanding of how things work proves it ain’t enough to be a billionaire to be smart!
    How much do you believe an iPhone would cost after construction of the needed factories? And, are we so sure there would be so many employes in those?
    This Trump is real off!

    1. What people tell pollsters, and which lever they pull in a voting booth, are usually 2 very different things.

      I believe Trump will be President about as much as I believe every rumor about the iPhone 7!

    1. Do you somehow see this as a sign that the Democratic party is not broken? If it weren’t for the incompetence and corruption of the current administration, Trump would not have risen to such prominence.
      The Democrats are offering a lying crook and a senile communist as candidates.

  4. Trump would need a 15 year program to train enough engineers and technicians before Apple COULD return all manufacturing to the US. As well as a campus/factory/residential building program that would make the new HQ project look like chlds’ play.

    But he won’t get one term let alone two, so I doubt that Apple will be setting up a US production feasibility study anytime soon.

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