Apple supplier TSMC reports record earnings, casting further doubt on ‘Peak iPhone’ concern

“Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the world’s largest chip fab and a manufacturer of Apple’s A9 chips used in iPhone 6s models, has posted earnings that beat analysts estimates for the quarter and established the company’s highest annual earnings in 29 years,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider.

“According to a report by Focus Taiwan, TSMC reported NT$306.57 billion ($9.15 billion US) in net profit for 2015, a 16.2 percent annual increase and a record high for the firm. Its consolidated sales rose 10.6 percent to NT$843.497 billion ($25.2 billion US), also a new record. About $3.7 billion of TSMC’s revenue comes from Apple,” Dilger writes. “For the December quarter, TSMC exceeded analysts’ average estimates of NT$68.5 billion to reach NT$72.8 billion ($2.2 billion US) in net income, according to a report by Tim Culpan of Bloomberg.

Dilger writes, “Culpan stated that TSMC’s record quarter comes alongside ‘a move to more sophisticated manufacturing technology,’ and noted that Apple had also forecast record revenue, ‘fueled by customer upgrades and sales in China, even with the Asian country’s economic slowdown.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We can hardly wait for the 26th!

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  1. After Apple shames the street with another blowout record earnings report, the annal shits will seek revenge for being….sandbagged…

    How easy it is to cry wolf and them blame the victim….

    Stop the bastards – refulate and force them to qualify and be accountable,

    1. Yes yes yes!!!
      But who is going to hold them accountable ? FCC..SEC?…
      I i think they are part if the problem .. Not the solution…
      Deep pockets can buy anything Seems like… Unfortunate but true..

      The way to beat the MFs is playing it for the long run !

    1. The analyst checks are for one and one reason only – drive the price as low as possible, pile on effect in media with this negative news – purchase your shares since you can no longer take the pain, come out with positive news and state the stock is now a bargain and the previous negative news is not as bad as originally thought, and ride the stock up 10-15% or higher, its a cruel and unfair game being played – its really that simple, think about it.

  2. The market is worried about the economy and apple are being hit by that.
    Strange since energy prices are low and unemployment is back down to normal.
    I think it is greed and irrational expectations. It is no longer enough that a company like apple is highly successful. It also has to have a virtual monopoly like Google to get positive support.
    On the other hand it is also the market sending fud so that they can fleece average investors of their hard earned money.

  3. We should remember that nearly all the knockers on here who talk twaddle about Apple’s position in the market place and sales have temporary names made up for the simple act of their doom mongering trolling and wishful thinking. Perfect training indeed for being an analyst.

  4. Fantastic…
    And interesting… I frequently visit Yahoo finance as one of my sources for stats .. Charts and news.
    If there is the slightest bogus negative rumor.. You will see the same headline repeated a few times on apples page… Combined with articles about the same rumors from other sourses…
    Basically they flood the page with the one rumore and make look a lot bigger than it is.

    But with good news.. The entusasm is never there … Why ?

    With this awesome news, which is not a rumor its a fact… There us not a single mention of it on yahoo apple page …
    Not a single mention.

    I have always suspected that Yahoo is not apples friend… Not only not a friend but a foe!

    1. My theory about why negativity rules is that it arouses the same excited feelings as contact sports, gossip, hunting, gambling, racing. They have addictive potential. Like them, internet writing is secretly a blood sport.

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